Workover drilling rig mud system for China Drilling Company

Recently one set of workover drilling rig mud system are shipping to China drilling company. The technical configuration is as below:

1) Linear motion Shale shaker, since the workover rig operation do not need so much volume drilling fluids, one unit shale shaker treating capacity is enough , normally they will not use desander cone and desilter cone, which will need high power consumption centrifugal pump as feeding pump, only when it is required by the user, we will install the desander or desilter or mud cleaner.

2) Desander with its feeding pump, this is a desander unit without bottom shale shaker, the desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns, the desilter cone cut point is 25 microns. The centrifugal pump motor power could be 45 KW or 55 KW.
3) Mixing hopper and mixing pump worked as mixing unit of the mixing tank, to prepare for new drilling fluids which can be reused by the drilling rig.
4) Mixing pump
5) Mud agitator and mud gun, the coupling type mud agitator is required by the client, our standard model is direct connected type mud agitator, which the motor and gearbox is connected directly. The previous worm wheel type gearbox is no long used any more, the new type mud agitator are all helical type gearbox with reliable mixing performance.
6) Mud tank system, tank top is covered by galvanized steel grating for convenient watching the liquid level and for easy operation. The painting color could be customized as per client’s requirement. One tank is shaker tank with mixing unit, the other tank is reserve tank with only mud agitator and mud gun installed on it.
Except for mud tank system for workover rig, we can also design and produce mud recycling system for oil & gas drilling rig.

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