Slurry Unit for TBM Project for Worldwide Famous Company

Just several day ago, a GNMS-1000D slurry
was carefully commissioned in GN factory yard and are delivered to loading
port for exporting to a worldwide famous company, this is a repeated order from
that company and GN Solids Control is their first China supplier. At first,
before the first order, they doubted China supplier’s quality and capability
for machinery, and before that, they had been using the German machines only.

They laid the first order as a trial and matched
the purchased slurry unit with their German boring machine, the performance and
efficiency is satisfied and the end user chose to repeat the order for a second
exactly same slurry unit.

This is a compact treating unit for instant
treating alongside the boring machine and there is no much storage space for
this slurry unit. Therefore the treating efficiency and suitable mesh numbers
are very important.

In order to avoid leaking of mud, there are
several points to be noticed:

1. end user must choose suitable mesh
number of screens. Normally, we recommend mesh 25 on the bottom deck of shaker
while mesh 40 on the upper deck of shaker. In case the mud has different
conditions, the end user could change mesh number into mesh 10 and mesh 40

2. suitable angle of shaker deck. GNZS
series shake shaker
could change the shaker deck’s angle easily. Depending on
the mud condition and jobsite need, the shaker deck could be changed from minus
1 degree to 5 degree.

3. a proper G-force for the vibrating motors
is also a key factor for the treating performance. GN uses Oil vibrating
motors, and the vibrating G force could be adjusted by changing the position of
the 2 motors’ eccentric blocks.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Besides this capacity, GN also have
150/200GPM system, 350/500 GPM system and 1000 GPM System for option, all of
which has mixing unit included. GN also has economic options mostly for TBM
drilling works, without the mixing unit.


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