Repeated Order from COSL on Oil Based Waste Cleaning Unit

As introduced before, COSL purchased one
set of drilling
waste management
system from GN at May, 2015. Because of the satisfying
performance and cost-effective price, COSL has already placed a repeated order
recently, and the drilling waste management system now is finished and ready
for delivery. Since China’s government carried out more strict regulations on
the drilling waste disposal on the site, GN Solids Control has captured this
chance with the powerful base of high quality and stable drilling waste
management products, with over 30 sets drilling waste management equipment delivered
to the domestic market including high G shaker for water based mud cuttings,
vertical cutting dryer for both oil and water based mud cuttings, decanter
for liquids discharged from drying equipment, screw conveyor for
the transportation of cuttings, and screw pump for the delivery of liquids.

Drilling waste management equipment is to
treat the cuttings discharged from shale shaker, desander, desilter, or
mud cleaner in the order to collect more clean fluids and to dispose the waste
in compliance with the environmental regulations. High G shaker is usually used
to treat water based mud cuttings; vertical
cutting dryer
is usually used to treat oil based mud cuttings but also can
treat water based mud cuttings. In a complete set of GN drilling waste
management system, there will be high speed decanter centrifuge to treat the
liquids discharged from the drying machines to collect more clean fluids
retuning to the active system for recycling usage. Now GN drilling waste
management equipment is now operating in many jobsite such as in many places in
China, and in a Cyprus site to treat offshore oil based mud cuttings, and also
in Russia for Baker Hughes project from last December to NOW.

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