shale shaker screen which is the best one?

Check if the shale shaker screen, auxiliary motor, mud filling pump are all correct( they all must rotate in the direction the arrow shows, otherwise no sand can be discharged), Rules of operation: start-up,Switch on the mains first,Start-up the auxiliary motor and see if the motor run well . Start the main motor after the auxiliary motor run in normal for 30 seconds. Start-up the main shaker screen . Pay attention to the running condition of the centrifuge, if any abnormality occurs, stop it promptly, and find out the causes.Open the shunt valve of mud filling pipes, start-up the motor of mud filling pump, supply mud. Pay attention to sand discharging condition of the centrifuge. If no abnormality, regulate the fraction of flowing stream, increase the amount of feeding mud gradually. Split-flow should be done to lighten the load of the centrifuge when discharged sand is too much. Stoppage,Turn off the motor of mud filling pump, stop feeding mud to the centrifuge. Close the 2″ball valve in feeding pipe; open the flushing valves in feeding pipe and box body, flush for at least 10 minutes,Cut off the water supplying valve. Press the button “stop” on the main motor. Press button “stop” on auxiliary motor and cut off the mains after the drum stop rotating completely (Attention: Don’t cut off the mains while the drum rotate in high-speed. It may lead to auxiliary motor’s being damaged because drum may drive auxiliary motor to rotate in over-speed if the mains is cut off at the moment!!if you want to know this,pls click it to know)

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