Save Money by Buying mud Cleaner and mud system

Rules of Safe Operation
1. Installation
A. Cranes and slings can not bear excessive load, regular check shall be given to the slings so as to ascertain whether they are in good state.
B. The sustained centers shall be checked before lifting to ensure that the strength of the sustained centers meet the requirement of hoisting.
C. Make sure the installation platform is firm enough to bear adequate weight.
2. Operation
A. All safety protection guards shall be installed before starting up.It is forbidden to open the guards to observe the running state of the mud system.
B. During the operation of the centrifuge, touch to moving parts and rotation parts should be avoided.
C. It is forbidden to brake in any way before the mud cleaner is stopped.
D. If there is abnormal noise and vibration, close down immediately and make troubleshooting.
E. It is forbidden to have the machine running at the rotating speed out of active speed that indicated in the instruction and nameplate.
Only after power is cut off can electrical devices be wired or plugged/unplugged!3. MaintenanceA. Only after power is cut off and bowl stops completely running can the machine be dismantled and adjusted.B. When opening the cover of vessel, it should be opened sufficiently and be fixed to prevent the sudden closure of the cover and injure the operators.
StructureThis machine is composed of unit assembly of revolving part, power transmission system, overload release system, base and casing, feed tube, electric control system, etc.

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