Oilfield Centrifuges and Drilling Cuttings Screw Conveyor for Middle East Customer

Recently one batch of drilling waste treatment decanter centrifuge, OBM vertical cuttings dryer , drilling cuttings screw conveyor and feeding pump are ready for delivery to Middle East customer. The equipments list including:

9 units of drilling waste treatment decanter centrifuges GNLW363D-GP
3 units of oil based drilling cuttings treatment vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930
12 units of drilling cuttings transfer screw conveyor, which is customized design for the client to proper meet the installation purpose.
12 units of screw pump as centrifuge feeding pump and vertical cuttings dryer flushing pump

The standard oil based drilling cuttings treatment system working process is that the screw conveyor will be installed along with solids control system shaker tank, to collect drilling cuttings from primary shale shaker, and transfer the drilling waste to solids discharge port and drop into another screw conveyor which is installed slantly and transfer to vertical cuttings dryer feed port. To separate the solids with oil water mixture fluids, the oil content on the cuttings will be below 10%, sometimes it is even below 5%, which can meet local disposal requirement. the screw pump will be as flushing pump of vertical cuttings dryer to avoid screen basket blocking by oil waste, the fluids will flow to intermediate tank and centrifuge feeding pump will feed the fluids to oilfield decanter centrifuge to separate fine solids from drilling fluids, which will flow back to mixing tank to prepare for new drilling fluids.

The client can produce mud tank locally or produce telescopic skid to install the decanter centrifuge and vertical cuttings dryer on top for convenient operation and discharge. The drilling waste management system can be applied for onshore drilling and offshore drilling with different explosion proof motor and control panel. If you need customized drilling waste management system, pls contact with GN solids control.

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