A screw conveyor is also called
as auger, because of the screw inside the long case used for transporting the
material from one place to another, it is called screw conveyor. It is common
equipment used in oil and gas drilling solids control system and waste
management systems, but among many suppliers, how to choose a suitable screw
conveyor for your project?

What factors should be
considered when choosing an Auger/ Screw Convyor?

1. HSE is always the first
factor to consider for a responsible client.
The design of the screw conveyor /auger
is human oriented or not is very important. Are all rotating parts well
covered? Do the screw conveyors /augers have the protecting cover? GN Solids
Control is a company who is HSE certified and GN’s auger is accepted by many
international famous companies who have strict HSE standards.

2. the material used for the screw
conveyors /augers,
especially the impeller. Because the drilling cuttings are
of highly hardness, and they may easily damage the impeller if the impeller is
not strong enough. GNSC series screw conveyors /augers use 16 Mn as impeller

3. the flexibility when using
the screw conveyors /augers. Because the layout of each project is not the
same, the client or end users have to re-arrange the existing equipment a bit
to the requests of each project. If the distance is not same, which is always
the cases, they need to reduce or add the screw conveyors. GNSC series screw
conveyors could meet such demand easily because GN’s screw conveyors are
designed as 12ft long for each section, and the first section is with the motor
while the last one has the gearbox, besides those 2 sections, other middle
sections could be easily interchangeable. It means, you can use more or less
sections of conveyors to achieve different requested distances.

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