GN’s new shaker screen and solid control equipment promotion policy

GN solid control is the world leading company for manufacturing solid control equipment and shale  shaker screens. From the beginning of 2017, GN has started upgrading its shale shaker screen product line, from its own OEM shaker screen, to many replacement screens for many world famous brand, such as the MONGOOSE, KING COBRA/ VENOR, FLUID SYSTEM, etc. Till now, GN can manufacture most of the replacement screens for the world famous brand. The longevity and performance is very similar or even better than the OEM, but the price is much better than the OEM. So that’s why GN is so successful in the shaker screen business in 2017 and will expect to more shaker screen business in the coming 2018.

Except for the good product itself, GN is also continuously issuing many promotional policies. For example, GN recently introduced a new policy called shale shaker screen reward policy, that means if any customer buys the composite frame shaker screen from GN, they can get one point by purchasing one piece of screen, the more you buy, the more points you will get. The points can be accumulated up to 5000, which is equal to USD 15,000. These points could be directly applied to the solid equipment purchase, deducting the purchase price. Among all the GN’s equipment, there are 3 types that will be applicable to the policy, they are shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. Every time when you use the points to redeem for equipment, the minimum is 1000 points or integral multiple of 1000 points. This policy will last for two years from August 15, 2017. So hurry up, there is no second chance like this that will help you save money and get most out of everything.
If you are interested in this policy and want to know more details about this promotion policy, welcome to log on to GN’s website: or send email to .

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