Centrifugal Pump and Solids Control Centrifuge for Bolivia Customer

Recently one batch of centrifugal pump and solids control centrifuge are ready for shipment to our Bolivia customer, who owns already over 10 units of GN solids control centrifuges totally. These equipments will be used for drilling service of 2 units of drilling rig.

The centrifugal pump will be used as desander desilter feeding pump, trip pump, super charging pump for mud pump, mixing pump and other transfer pump. GN produced centrifugal pump with all the spare parts interchangeable with most of the international brand centrifugal pump, it will be convenient for our client for spare parts inventory. The pump casing and impeller are all made of hard ductile iron allow for longer abrasion resistant capability. The bearing are from top brand for reliable operation. Mechanical seal provide a better sealing performance, the pump skid to support pump is made from casting instead of welding for reliable operation and less vibration.

The solids control centrifuge is one of our core equipments among all the solids control equipments, we can provide it with fixed speed decanter centrifuge or VFD decanter centrifuge according to client’s requirement, the most common used model is GNLW363D-GP decanter centrifuge, the bowl diameter is 14 inch, the bowl length is 50 inch, the max bowl speed is 3900rpm, the typical bowl speed is 3200rpm, the separation cut point is 2~5 microns.

The VFD decanter centrifuge with a positive pressurized VFD control panel, it can be used for barite recovery, high gravity solids separation , low gravity solids separation. The VFD control panel with cooling tube or air conditioner when working in high temperature environment, PLC smart control with HMI interface for manual and automatic operation. We can provide ATEX, IEC EX for class 1 division 1 application.
Not only for solids control centrifuge, GN decanter centrifuge has been widely used for drilling waste management system, oil sludge treatment system, dewatering centrifuge and other industry use.