Desanding Plant and Mud Recycling System for Asia HDD client

Recently one batch of desanding plant and mud recycling system are ready for shipment for Asia HDD client.

The HDD mud recycling system is high configuration 500gpm multiple functional mud recycling system, with mud cleaning, recycling, mixing and storage function. It consists of double deck shale shaker with hydrocyclones, desilter cone feeding pump, mixing hopper, mixing pump, mud tank, mud agitator, mud gun, guardrails, walkway, stairs and pipelines. The working process is as below:
The picking up pump ( submersible slurry pump) pick up the used mud from mud pit and feed to GN mud recycling system shale shaker (coarse screen layer of the double deck shale shaker) to separate the coarse solids from the HDD drilling fluids, the treated mud dropped into the mud tank, the desilter feeding pump suck the mud from the mud tank compartment 1 and feed to desilter cone to separate solids cut points 15 microns, the treated mud dropped into desilter compartment , the user can add chemical additives into the mixing hopper to prepare for new drilling fluids with the treated mud, the new drilling fluids can be reused by the HDD machine. The discharged solids from desilter cone will be dried by the fine screen of the double deck shale shaker.

The desanding plant can be used for bored piling, pipe jacking, HDD project, TBM desanding project. We have 200gpm, 500gpm, 1000gpm and 1500gpm desanding plant for option according to client’s requirement. The main components of the desanding plant including double deck shale shaker with desander cone, catching tank, feeding pump and accessories. The user can prepare picking up pump, transfer pump, slurry storage tank, jet mud mixer unit locally.
Except for standard desander plant and HDD mud recycling system, GN solids control also provide customized desander unit and HDD mud recycling system.