Dewatering Unit and its Centrifuge Decanter

As the demands for environment protecting
is much higher than before in everywhere of the world, only a solids control
system used for the drilling rig is not enough for treating the drilling
cuttings. In case of water based mud drilling cuttings further treatment, there
is a zero-discharge system including a so called drilling waste management
system and a dewatering unit.

In a waste management system, there is an
auger to collect drilling cuttings from the solids control system, for
collecting and transporting the cuttings discharged from the solids control
system. And another auger with is slope, for feeding the cuttings into the
waste management system, always a high-G shale shaker or a vertical cuttings
dryer. Then the treated liquid from the first treating equipment will be
further treated by a decanter centrifuge, the waste management centrifuge.

After a long while, some solids phase
particles are smaller and smaller than before, too small to be separated out by
a 2-5 microns’ centrifuge. Then comes the dewatering unit, constructed with a
flocculation unit including PAM dissolving system, dosing and electric control
for PAC, dosing pumps, some agitators, tanks and a container for installing all
of above. After the flocculation step, the fine particles become larger ones,
at least large enough for being separate out by centrifuge.

GN is cooperating with many mud companies
and mud service companies, who don’t only use the waste management systems, but
also the dewatering units for their services. Some of them are making their own
dewatering units and buying centrifuges from GN for their package. Sure in the
future GN will provide more and more centrifuge in different fields for
different applications.

GN Standard Waste Management System and Case Study

GN Solids Control, first API certified Solids Control manufacturer in China, has enlarged its product line to waste management systems by designing out the first vertical cuttings dryer years ago and established the best quality centrifuge producing workshop. After years of experiences, GN Solids Control has become the number one solids control and waste management system manufacturer and supplier in China, and got a good fame in world market.

Before last year, GN’s waste management systems are mostly based on the three main equipments, procedures are that end user got technical information of GN’s equipments and discuss the layout of each one of them including the tank and augers. But after years of designing, GN summarized the cases and designed most popular 2 designs as standard solution, which could cover most of jobsite cases, with treating capacity of 40 cubic meter per hour.

Who used GN Waste Management Systems before? See links below of jobsite videos to have more information:

1. Baker Hughes has purchased several such systems form GN, which are now working in their Jobsites in a cold area. That shows that such systems could be used in extreme freeze weather.
2. Same drilling cuttings waste management system is working in Europe, in Cyprus.
3. This system is also working at Shell’s jobsite in southwest China. This systems is also customized with the end user’s color.
4. GN’s system also sailed to Africa, in Ghana, details see here on our website.

For more technical information about this system, welcome to see the detailed specifications in catalogs for GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuges and also auger/ screw conveyers and the 7.5kw screw pump for feeding the centrifuge.

Don’t worry about the transportation for such a big and useful system. In fact it could be transported to oversea countries by means of container with the equipments dismantled from tanks and easily to transported by trailer even with equipments on.

For more information, contact GN sales freely.

Efficient Feeding Methods for GN Waste Management System

As is known to all and recognized by more
and more people, a waste management system is more and more important for an
oil and gas drilling jobsite. In some countries, there are strict laws that
without a drilling waste management system,
the drilling rig is not allowed to start.

Nowadays, the most popular waste management
system is combined by a vertical cuttings dryer and a high speed decanter
centrifuge. The vertical cuttings dryer is working like a washing machine’s
drying process, and the liquid phase discharged by the vertical cuttings dryer
falls into a tank under the cuttings dryer, and then transferred to the
centrifuge for further treating.

GN Solids Control is very professional in
manufacturing such waste management systems. Just in year 2014, GN has produced
tens of similar systems with one of GNCD930C/CVFD vertical cuttings dryer
and a GNLW363CG/CG-VFD decanter centrifuge.
Such systems are working well at jobsites of many countries and places,
including Shell’s and Baker Huges’jobsites.

Although all such systems are for further
separating the drilling cuttings discharged by solids control system in former
phase and they are nearly same, but since each jobsite is different, the
feeding method differs a bit. Per the layout of jobsite and the material
conditions, there are mainly 3 kinds of feeding methods:

1.      Using
a hose pump for transporting the material into the vertical cuttings dryer. A
hose pump itself is small in size. It has some self suction function, but not
so common as following two methods.

2.      Using
a screw conveyor (auger) and a screw pump for feeding the
vertical cuttings dryer.

3.      Using
two screw conveyors for feeding, one is horizontal and the other is a slope

In both above mentioned methods, the first
screw conveyor could have a hopper for collecting drilling cuttings.

No matter which method is chosen for a
certain jobsite, it depends on the jobsites’ space and requested layout, and
also affected by material condition as the density and viscosity. May you have
requests for this, welcome to contact us freely and our engineer will make out
for you the most suitable solution.

GN Team Back from Nigeria Oil Show from Abuja

GN Sales team and one set of GNLW363BG Decanter Centrifuge hadattend Nigeria Oil Show in ICC Center in Abuja, Capital of Nigeria last week
and now GN Sales team was back from Africa and the above mentioned decanter
centrifuge was left there, sold to a customer whose main business is oil and
gas drilling waste management.

Although the crude oil price has dropped to
a historically low place, and as a country whose 70% income comes from oil,
Nigeria’s currency Naira’s value is lower than before, this Oil Show held in
Abuja still attracted lots of visitors from domestic and outside Nigeria. Abuja’s
ICC Center is located in the center city, at the first day of Oil Show, the
country’s most important political and economical leaders had attended the

Many local companies and companies from
abroad who have branch companies attended this show, comparing with their fancy
stands well decorated, GN’s stand was a bit plain. But GN was the only Chinese
company who brought with it a real product, a Decanter Centrifuge GNLW363BG. Its
shining bowl made of SS2205 attracted many visitors’ eyeballs. Many waste
management service providers showed their interest in GN’s standard waste
management system combined with GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363BG
Decanter centrifuge.

If you missed Abuja Oil Show, don’t worry.
In the coming week, GN will show the newest designed equipments and systems in
CIPPE Beijing and in May, in OTC in Houston.

What GN will show in CIPPE:

Complete series of GNLW
Decanter centrifuges, GNLW363CG-VFD, GNLW452, GNLW223, GNLW553.

GN standard waste management
system, combined by GNCD930 Vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363CG Decanter
centrifuge, with skid and tank.

GN 500 GPM mud system for HDD

All GN main equipments used for
Oil and Gas drilling solids control system including shale shaker, mud cleaner,
vacuum degasser and etc.

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GN Solids America will show mixing unit at NASTT’s No-DIG show in Denver

NASTT’sNo-DIG show is one of the most professional NO-DIG show for HDD, bored piles,
under-ground construction, TBM industry, the exhibitors are from most of
underground utilities. This is the first time for GN
solids America
to attend this show,
welcome to visit our stand and check our equipments information.

March 15-19, 2015

Danver, CO

No.: 831

equipments will we show? Mud mixing unit, it is widely utilized in HDD mud recycling system
and underground working site. It is a combination of mud hopper, centrifugal
pump, electric control panel, pipes all in one skid for convenient operation
and trasnportation.

only for HDD mud recycling system, our mud mixing unit can be also used for
CBM, geothermal, oil drilling and all other works with drilling mud. We provide
9 models jet mud mixer for option, with 4inch hopper and 6 inch hopper.

you will miss this show, you can still visit our warehouse in Houston,,
or visit GN at OTC 2015( May 4~7) in Houston,
. If you will travel to Canada in May or June, welcome to visit us at CIM 2015
in Montreal, QC and Global
Petroleum Show 2015 in Calgary, AB. For more info of these shows, pls contact
GN solids sales.

provide customized mud recycling system/ mud
cleaning system
for your different
applications with treating capacity 150gpm, 200gpm, 350gpm, 500gpm, 800gpm,
1000gpm, 1500gpm, also we have standard 120m3/h, 240m3/h, 50m3/h bored piles
desander unit, with standard drawing and reliable performance proved by a lot
of clients. We can also design the mud system based on your rig model, mud pump
flow rate, pls contact our sales team for a proper solution.

have the standard equipments in stock in our Houston warehouse for fast
delivery, and the spare partsa and technicians are available there.

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