1000HP Drilling Rig Solids Control System for Middle East

Recently one set of 1000HP drilling rig solids control system is ready for shipment to Middle East. The solids control system consists of components as below:

  1. Shaker tank : 2 set of GNZS594F-SHBF shale shaker with mud distribution box and solids discharge trough, 1 set of GNZJ594F-S3S16NF mud cleaner with desander cone and desilter cone feeding pump, 2 sets of mud agitator with helical bevel type gearbox, 4 sets of mud gun, lighting, the mud cleaner can be used as back up shale shaker. The shaker tank dimension is equivalent with 40ft container with liquid level meter, the walkway, guardrails can be foldable during transportation. The shaker screen size is 585x1165mm with composite material frame, stainless steel material wire mesh, and the shaker screen for shale shaker and mud cleaner is same.
  2. Reserve tank 1: The storage tank dimension is same with 40ft container with liquid level meter, the painting color is customized as per client’s requirement. 3 sets of mud agitator, 3 sets of mud gun, lightings and guard room are installed on the tank
  3. Reserve tank 2: the dimension is same with reserve tank 1, also with mud agitator, mud gun on the tank.
  4. Pump skid: 2 sets of 75KW centrifugal pump as desander and desilter feeding pump, 2 sets of 75KW mixing pump, 2 sets of mixing hopper, powder collection hopper are all installed on the same skid and pipelines connected with solids control system.
  5. Water tank with water transfer pump and lightings
  6. Electric control system: including cables, control panel, distribution box for all the tanks control system. The whole system comply with ATEX explosion proof standard which can be used for offshore drilling rig.
    If you need a customized drilling rig solids control system, pls contact with GN solids sales.

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