Workover Rig solids control system shipped to Australia

This week GN shipped one set of workover rig solids control system to Australia. The configuration is as below:
1) Shaker tank with 2 units of shale shaker to clean the drilling mud

2) Mixing tank with mixing hopper, 2 units of centrifugal pump to prepare for new drilling fluids
3) Mud agitator, mud gun, pipelines, valves all equipped with both mud tanks
The difference for this solids control system between normal solids control system:
1) All the electric control system include cables, glands, electric components, and the design should be comply with Australia explosion proof standard
2) The lifting pad, walkway, handrail, the distance between adjacent components, etc should be comply with Australia safety regulations
3) The welding and painting standard is also very strict in Australia, the tank top surface is fixed with high strength glass fiber reinforced plastics.

4) The clean gate is with high position gate valve type clean gate for convenient operation and cleaning of the accumulated solids
GN design and manufacture the workover rig solid control system as per the client’s special requirement and Australia standard. This is not the first unit of solids control system shipped to Australia, we had sold over 30 units of mud recycling system for HDD industry.
Most workover rig solids control system use only shale shaker, no desander cone and desilter cone is used, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge will not be used, too. Sometimes the client make the mud mixing unit and shale shaker in one mud tank as compact design. The treating capacity of workover rig solids control system is much smaller than oil drilling rig mud tank system, for different workover rig, the shale shaker qty might be one, sometimes it could be 2 shale shakers.
Pls contact with GN solids control if you need customized solids control system.

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