At present, there are some solids control units to process drilling fluids including : shale shakers, mud cleaners, Desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, mud gas separator(poor boy degasser), slurry mixers, Jet Mixing devices, electronic ignition device, mud gun, centrifugal pump(sand pump), shear pump, decanter centrifuge. While being widely used in drilling industry, slurry dewatering and no dig industry.

Drilling solids control equipment and systems will process and recovery drilling fluids which comes from down hole. Solid control system and units are mainly separate drilling cuttings, recovery barite and effective separation of the solid particles. The treated fluids can be reused in order to reducing the cost of drilling and are environmentally friendly.

Drilling Role:

(1) Clean the bottom, carrying debris and keep the bottom clean, avoid drill bit damage, reduce wear and improve efficiency.

(2) Balance down hole pressure. Prevent blowout and leaking issues. Prevent underground fluid contaminate the Drilling Waste Management.

(3) Cooling and lubricating the drill bit and drill string. Reduce drill temperature, reducing drill wear cost and improve the life of the drill.

(4) balance the side wall of rock pressure in the wellbore to form a cake, a closed and stable wall. Prevention of pollution and reservoir wall collapsed.

(5) Effective transfer hydraulic power. Passing the required down hole drill motor power and hydraulic power drill.

(6) Suspended cuttings and keep weight of fluid. Reduce cuttings settling velocity and avoid damaging the drilling bit

(7) Due to fluids levitation force working on the drill pipe and casing. It can reduce overload when starting up the system.

 In summary, drilling solids control equipment is process the blood of the entire system, if the solid or particles contain of drilling fluids is too high, it may cause a blowout, or sticking fluid is not conducive to drilling speed and cost. After GN Solids control system process, the drilling fluids viscosity and weight will be stable in order to fast drilling speed and reduce the cost.

This article is written by GN Solids America: