The global biggest festival for family reunion-Chinese New Year

Not a long time after Western world’s holiday season, here comes another big event in the oriental world, the Chinese New Year. So far the Chinese New Year could be the biggest festival for family reunion. GN Solids Control, as an international but also a traditional Chinese company, would like to greet the best wishes to all of the customers and their families for a Happy Chinese Year.
First we would like to briefly introduce some fun things to do in Chinese New Year. The happies people should the kids, cause they will get new clothes from senior relatives, set off the fireworks, and can get a lot of lucky money from parents or grandparents or relatives. People can go out for temple fair, in which you can find many delicious snacks, great street shows and can send your best wishes to all of your families.

During the past 2016, it was tough and uneasy for everyone. The roller coaster style oil price dropped to 20s dollar in the beginning of the year, and till the end of 2016, it’s still wandering at 50s dollar. Even under such harsh environment, GN still makes its best effort to create value for its customers and help them save money and survive the difficult times. GN never stopped its steps for improving and innovation. It successfully released its new composite frame screens, which will be more reliable and durable and will be more popular with customers. GN also upgraded its core products, such as the decanter centrifuge, shale shakers and so on. All the equipment will work now more efficiently and smart.
Last but not least, happy Chinese new year. GN will be with you to welcome the new 2017. Welcome to visit our website and get more information, send your inquiries to . We believe GN could be your one stop shop for the solid control equipment and help your business to achieve great success.

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