TBM project require to use high volume water for cooling the machine during boring, it costs very high for the water consumption, and in many countries the discharged slurry should be treated well by environmental protection laws, it is also costly to send the slurry to third party waste treatment facility. The operator need a full package dewatering system which can treat the slurry, the recovery water can be used for drilling, the discharged solids can be collected by waste bag or waste collection box and transport to other place for brick making or landfill. The discharged solids should be with less moisture as possible, the recovery water should be clean enough and suitable to reuse it. Recently GN solids control shipped another set of TBM slurry dewatering centrifuge system to our clients in Singapore, this is repeat order for TBM project.

The big bowl decanter centrifuge is major equipment for the dewatering centrifuge package, working with chemical dosing unit, the big bowl decanter centrifuge treating capacity will be less than designed treating capacity, the actual treating capacity will depend on the raw material solids content, solids size distribution , chemical adding type and quantity, and other aspects. Normally positive displacement pump will be used to feed to the decanter centrifuge, one unit of 3 compartment powder adding system with proper agitator, control panel, chemical dosing pump, supporting pipelines, valves, liquid level meter, hopper. All of the above equipments are installed in the same skid for convenient transportation, and installed inside standard contained which with windows, doors, air conditioner, lightings for convenient operation.

The VFD control panel is non explosion proof with PLC smart control and HMI surface, the 55KW main motor speed, 37KW back drive motor speed, 22KW pump speed can be controlled by VFD control panel. For more information, pls contact with sales engineer.