drilling waste management equipment

GN solids control shipped several units of drilling waste cuttings screw conveyor to Africa Client, this is repeat orders for the same clients for many years. The screw conveyor is widely used for transferring and collecting the drilling waste cuttings from solids control system.

The installation of screw conveyor:
The screw conveyor might be installed on different place for different functions, for example, it can be installed along with the solids control system mud tank besides the shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge to collect the discharged drilling cuttings; it can be installed slantly under the horizontal installed screw conveyor to transfer the drilling cuttings to vertical cuttings dryer; it could be installed under the vertical cuttings dryer solids discharge port to transfer the discharged solids cake outside automatically, it can be installed under the decanter centrifuge solids discharge port to transfer out the solids automatically. It can be used in cuttings solidification unit to transfer the 3 materials and mix them together.

The screw conveyor can transfer the material with less fluids content in the cuttings, otherwise it will flow back and spill out. When the fluids content is very high, we need to use vacuum pump, slurry pump or hose pump to transfer to the drilling waste management system.

It takes two months for GN’s engineer and workers to finish the manufacturing for the new order of two sets of oil sludge treatment system. Now the two sets of oil sludge treatment systems are stalled in GN’s facility in China and are ready for shipping to Middle East.

The oil sludge treatment system mainly consists of the following equipment: The shale shaker which is specially designed for oil sludge treatment for the coarse solid separation; two sets of 22 inch decanter centrifuge GNLW553C-VFD for fine solids removal from oil sludge; two sets of sludge washing tank which are with the heating and mixing system; two sets of 3 phase separation system which can separate the oil, water and solids from each other; two dosing systems in 40 feet container; vacuum feed pump and augers which will be used for feeding the slurry into the oil sludge treatment system.
The oil sludge treatment system has the following feature and advantage: Adopting the chemical and heating technology to improve the mechanical separation; the system can be mainly applied to there types of oil sludge: the sludge from oil refinery plant, the sludge from the crude oil tank and the sludge from the drilling waste. 4 stages of separation can get the customer cleaner recovered oil and reduce the oil on the sludge. The treatment system could be customized for different processing capacity and different mixing content of oil, water and sludge. The skid mounted module design will reduce the footprint and easy for installation and transportation. For service companies, this system means safer, more reliable and more cost effective.

As a leading solid control equipment and waste management company, the oil sludge treatment system is one of the main business in GN’s full product line. GN will strive to make more reliable, safer and more cost effective equipment to help the service company getting more and saving more money, and achieve great success. Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com .

GN Solids Control is an international company with its solid control and waste management business spanning all around the world. Established in 2007 in China, it’s always striving to provide the good quality product to the customer and help them saving cost. In 2014, GN Solids Control subsequently established its overseas office in US and Russia, to better serve the local customer and provide them the quick delivery and excellent after sales service. Now GN not only manufacture every single solid control equipment, but also can provide the customers with solutions and solid control system.GN-Liquid-Mud-Plant-1
The liquid mud plant is one of its systems which mainly used in onshore or offshore to keep the mud properties as good as possible during the mud is circulating in the wellbore. The liquid mud plant is mainly composed of the following equipment, shale shaker, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump, mud mixing hopper, decanter centrifuge and various kinds of mud tanks. The type of mud tanks includes oil based mud tank, water based mud tank, base oil tank, barite tank, water tank, mud mixing tank and bulk tank. Each tank has its own special functions and will be deployed in different operation situations. Now GN can design and make different shapes and sizes of tanks, such as the round tank, vertical tank and rectangular tanks. The different sizes of liquid mud plants will apply the different sizes of tanks. The liquid mud plant is used to mix, dilute, treat, and adjust different kind of drilling fluids and make sure the fluids can meet the drilling standard and applied great into the well.GN-Liquid-Mud-Plant-2
That’s the basic introduction of the liquid mud plant. Hopefully it will be useful to you. GN has many more solid control systems, they can be used in different operational situations and help you achieve your target easily and cost effectively. Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com

Few days before, GN’s waste materials management
equipment for three or more rigs passed the ordering and started running in
Nigeria. Total 33 units tools were involved including the squander cuttings
drying equipment, extra fine solids separation products and transferring
equipment. The photos was taken by the commissioning engineer when completing
the installation and having.
The client is one of the big drilling contractors in Nigeria, this is certainly
already the 3rd order out of this clients. Before this venture, the client
order 10 products waste decanter centrifuge in addition to 1 complete mud
flower system from
GN Solids Control
. Below links to another 2 projects for guide:
1 . Liquid Mud Flower System for Africa Drilling
2 . Ten sets GN Decanter Centrifuge for South africa Drilling Company
These thirty three units equipment are detailed as below:
3 arranged vertical cuttings dryer that is main drying equipment to get waste
cuttings, with the maximum. speed up to 1200 RPM, the G force can be up to 750.

6 value packs
high speed VFD decanter centrifuges
would meet the client’s distinct
requests on operation rate and waste conditions.
Entire 9 unit screw pushes, with 6 of them to get feeding the effluence cleared
out from the vertical cuttings dryer to decanter centrifuges, even though the
other 3 unit intended for flushing to clean the cuttings dryer.
15 set mess conveyors are located on web-site accordingly for transferring the
actual drilling waste to the dryer unit and collecting the actual solids
discharged from the dryer and centrifuge.

As per the opinions from the client, after a number of orders of GN’s devices,
they are very confident with typically the performance. This time, they
substituted all the equipment coming from a US brand that costing just a little
high by using GN’s devices with good comments to both the the cost and
GN these days has developed a series of equipment specifically
drilling waste management
additionally including the dewatering unit along
with solidification unit. If virtually any request aroused, just you can
contact with us.