Self Contained Mud Recycling System for CPP

As the leader of Solids Control and waste management system
and equipment manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has designed many mud
recycling systems for world leading HDD companies or HDD contractors, who are
more well-known than GN Solids Control itself. CPP ( China Petroleum Pipeline
Bureau ) is one of GN’s old customers, many of GN’s equipments are going to
many countries of the world.

At the beginning of this year, although the oil market is
down because of the crude oil price, CPP ordered 8 complete high standard self
contained mud recycling systems from GN. Below is the picture of such systems,
now 2 sets of them are finished and already dispatched from factory. In fact,
these mud recycling systems are higher than GN’s standard highest
configuration. They are of 500GPM, per China specifications, 120 cubic meters
per hour, which is the most common model.

This design is combined of 2 tanks, and several
compartments. On skid of first tank, there are 2 main equipments, GNZY705E-Y10N
and GNZY705E-Y2S, they are kind of mud cleaners with double deck shale shaker. The
lower deck of shaker is like a shale shaker for the first stage treatment
before the desander cones. While the desander cones and the upper deck shaker
is the second stage treatment, same as the GNZY705E-Y10N, the desilter cones
also have a drying shaker.

The second tank is for further treatment, and there are 2
sets of decanter centrifuges on the second tank’s skid. GNLW452-VFD big bowl
centrifuge and the VFD control panels, the largest particle size in the
drilling mud from the first tank is no larger than 10 microns. After the
treatment of the 2 VFD centrifuges, the solid particles in the drilling mud is
no larger than 2 microns. Just because the 2 decanter centrifuges, this mud
recycling system is of higher configuration than normal.

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