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Rules of Safe Operation
1. Installation
A. Cranes and slings can not bear excessive load, regular check shall be given to the slings so as to ascertain whether they are in good state.
B. The sustained centers shall be checked before lifting to ensure that the strength of the sustained centers meet the requirement of hoisting.
C. Make sure the installation platform is firm enough to bear adequate weight.
2. Operation
A. All safety protection guards shall be installed before starting up.It is forbidden to open the guards to observe the running state of the mud system.
B. During the operation of the centrifuge, touch to moving parts and rotation parts should be avoided.
C. It is forbidden to brake in any way before the mud cleaner is stopped.
D. If there is abnormal noise and vibration, close down immediately and make troubleshooting.
E. It is forbidden to have the machine running at the rotating speed out of active speed that indicated in the instruction and nameplate.
Only after power is cut off can electrical devices be wired or plugged/unplugged!3. MaintenanceA. Only after power is cut off and bowl stops completely running can the machine be dismantled and adjusted.B. When opening the cover of vessel, it should be opened sufficiently and be fixed to prevent the sudden closure of the cover and injure the operators.
StructureThis machine is composed of unit assembly of revolving part, power transmission system, overload release system, base and casing, feed tube, electric control system, etc.

shale shaker screen which is the best one?

Check if the shale shaker screen, auxiliary motor, mud filling pump are all correct( they all must rotate in the direction the arrow shows, otherwise no sand can be discharged), Rules of operation: start-up,Switch on the mains first,Start-up the auxiliary motor and see if the motor run well . Start the main motor after the auxiliary motor run in normal for 30 seconds. Start-up the main shaker screen . Pay attention to the running condition of the centrifuge, if any abnormality occurs, stop it promptly, and find out the causes.Open the shunt valve of mud filling pipes, start-up the motor of mud filling pump, supply mud. Pay attention to sand discharging condition of the centrifuge. If no abnormality, regulate the fraction of flowing stream, increase the amount of feeding mud gradually. Split-flow should be done to lighten the load of the centrifuge when discharged sand is too much. Stoppage,Turn off the motor of mud filling pump, stop feeding mud to the centrifuge. Close the 2″ball valve in feeding pipe; open the flushing valves in feeding pipe and box body, flush for at least 10 minutes,Cut off the water supplying valve. Press the button “stop” on the main motor. Press button “stop” on auxiliary motor and cut off the mains after the drum stop rotating completely (Attention: Don’t cut off the mains while the drum rotate in high-speed. It may lead to auxiliary motor’s being damaged because drum may drive auxiliary motor to rotate in over-speed if the mains is cut off at the moment!!if you want to know this,pls click it to know)

what’s Desilter refer?

1. Pedestal, 2. How to Install and Maintain a Desander Desilter, 3. Tension wedge, 4. Shaker screen. 5. Rubber strip, 6. Deck adjustment device, 7. Baffle box, 8. Tension device, 9. Electric cabinet, 10. Vibration motor, 11. Damping spring 4. GNPS752 features (1) GNPS752 desilter drilling equipment is designed as double motors in-phase principle. The shale shaker will vibrate as elliptical, part of spare parts are interchangeable with international shale shaker (2) Adopts advanced vibration motor, reliable operation, run long time without any problem (3) The shaker screen can be flat type or pyramid type. Shaker deck can fix 3 pieces screen and make screens as different combination. This will lead screen take longest usable life. According to different drilling mud the screen mesh will be 40-200 mesh (4) Screen is tensioned by wedge, this is more convenient and reliable (5) The shaker deck can be adjusted. Adjustment will be realized by adjusting worm whirl. There is worm whirl at each side of shaker deck. Middle shaft connect two whirl pipe, when we make adjustment, two sides will be compliant and in-phase (6) The paint of shaker is processed by grit blast, use high anticorrosive zinc rich coating. Will make shaker surface anticorrosive and more beautiful 5. Lifting, transportation, installation 5.1 Lifting When we lift the shale shaker, we need to handle it by lifting specific lift ring. There are 4 lift rings totally. Users should not attempt lifting by attachment to any other location to avoid breaking equipments Warning! Do not make lift rope on any pipes nor vibration motors, and ensure the equipment are at even level when lift 5.2 Transportation Refer to fig II there are four sets tension device. It including M20 tension bolts, cover, mat, gasket, and M20 nuts. When deliver the shaker, the tension devices are tensioned. This will keep equipment stable and safe during transportation to avoid any broken on shaker. When shale shaker arrive at job site, and finish installation the tension device can be released (Refer to Fig III). When we release it must keep M20 bolts, cover, mat, spring gasket and M20 nuts well to ensure every handling the shaker will be stable and safe. Note: When running equipments, the shipping brackets must be uninstalled Fig II. The tension bolt in tensioning Fig III. The tension bolts released 5.3 Installation When shale shaker arrives at job site, make it at proper position and according to installation hole with sign of 4-Φ23 ( Refer to Fig I ). Make fixture, do related position fixing on all aspects to make installation, uninstall. If along with system, we’ll provide installation and fixture, user only need to connect and fix it Connect electric power to shale shaker magnetic starter. Usually, the electric system will be 380V/50Hz. The vibration motor and magnetic starter can be customized according to clients’ requirement There is button signed “ON”, “OFF” and have certain colour for identification. Shale shaker can be installed on even operation plate. The shale shaker can be designed as tandem shaker, and even more. But should make suitable connections and related pipes.