GN Standard Waste Management System and Case Study

GN Solids Control, first API certified Solids Control manufacturer in China, has enlarged its product line to waste management systems by designing out the first vertical cuttings dryer years ago and established the best quality centrifuge producing workshop. After years of experiences, GN Solids Control has become the number one solids control and waste management system manufacturer and supplier in China, and got a good fame in world market.

Before last year, GN’s waste management systems are mostly based on the three main equipments, procedures are that end user got technical information of GN’s equipments and discuss the layout of each one of them including the tank and augers. But after years of designing, GN summarized the cases and designed most popular 2 designs as standard solution, which could cover most of jobsite cases, with treating capacity of 40 cubic meter per hour.

Who used GN Waste Management Systems before? See links below of jobsite videos to have more information:

1. Baker Hughes has purchased several such systems form GN, which are now working in their Jobsites in a cold area. That shows that such systems could be used in extreme freeze weather.
2. Same drilling cuttings waste management system is working in Europe, in Cyprus.
3. This system is also working at Shell’s jobsite in southwest China. This systems is also customized with the end user’s color.
4. GN’s system also sailed to Africa, in Ghana, details see here on our website.

For more technical information about this system, welcome to see the detailed specifications in catalogs for GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuges and also auger/ screw conveyers and the 7.5kw screw pump for feeding the centrifuge.

Don’t worry about the transportation for such a big and useful system. In fact it could be transported to oversea countries by means of container with the equipments dismantled from tanks and easily to transported by trailer even with equipments on.

For more information, contact GN sales freely.

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