One full set of mud system will be shipped to the US

GN brand is now recognized by more and more customers from Europe and America due to its good quality and competitive price. Recently GN got another big order from an US customer. It’s mud cleaning system, which includes one collection hopper, one large shale shaker, one high-G shaker 594, one Desilter, one processing tank, one large bowl decanter centrifuge 553, and one set of supporting legs for decanter centrifuge.

The large shale shaker and high-G shaker have very similar features, but the high-G shaker has even stronger G force which will make the solids and cuttings process by the shale shaker even more drier. This will make the waste meeting the environmental requirement for disposal. The desilter could be used to separate even smaller size solids up to 20 microns. This desilter will be composed of 12 hydrocyclones.

The 553 decanter centrifuge is a large sized bowl equipment which can separate the solid size up to 2-5 microns. This equipment inherited the great features of 363 decanter centrifuge which is the core product of GN. The bowl material is made of stainless steel 2205, the screw conveyor surface is made of tungsten carbide. Also the discharge port is used the tungsten carbide which will ensure the longevity and performance of the equipment. But this large bowl equipment has large diameter and length of the bowl, this can make the mud even clearer and solid even drier. And this can also expand the processing capacity. As the industry developed, we believe there will be more and more customers like this large capacity products. As it will represent the efficiency. You can also find three types of this decanter centrifuge, the fixed speed, the Variable Frequency Drive and full hydraulic drive. GN can customize the equipment according to the customers’ requirement and needs.

Except for the large equipment, there will also many connecting pipes, feeding pumps and processing tanks to guarantee the system running smoothly.
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