Recently one set of oil sludge treatment plant are finished commissioning for our customer in China. It is our standard designed oil sludge treatment system.
The technical configuration is as below:

1) Pre-mixing tank modular: the mud agitator are installed on the mixing tank, the received oil sludge adding proper chemicals and mixing them evenly. The submersible slurry pump transfer the free oil sludge to coarse solids separation modular.
2) Coarse solids separation modular, the high G drying shaker separate the big solids from the oil sludge and reduce the solids content. So that the fluids will be safe to be transferred to decanter centrifuge.

3) 3 phase separation modular, the screw pump feed the fluids to decanter centrifuge with chemical dosing unit, most of the fine solids below 5 microns will be separated out. The fluids are dropped into the catching tank, the pump transfer the fluids to disc centrifuge, which will separate the oil and water, the oil flow to oil buffer tank and water is storage in water buffer tank. The water can be reused in the treatment system, the oil can be recovered. The washing tank is installed to wash the disc centrifuge to avoid blocking. All of the electric control system are explosion proof standard.

The proof cover are above the complete oil sludge treatment plant.
Before order, we encourage client to send the oil sludge sample to GN solids engineer and make a lab test to confirm if the chemicals are proper for the oil sludge or not, the customer will order until the testing result is good. After the whole system are shipped to customer’s jobsite, our engineer will come as per request for first time commissioning and training.
Before design a customized solution of oil sludge treatment system, we will require to fill in the question list to know the treated material better.