GN 200gpm mud system operation manual

200gpm mud system is small and
compact mud system which is usually used for small water well drilling rig or
small HDD rigs. The mud system can recycle, clean the mud from mud pit and
return it back to drilling rig for reuse, via mud pump. GN 200gpm mud system
have been exported to Australia, Asia countries, Niger, Kuwait etc.  Correct way to use 200gpm mud system is very
important part of the contract.

1) General
introduction of GN 200gpm mud system

200GPM Mud System is a customized mud
recycling system
and clarification system for drilling rigs designed by GN
as per client’s requirements. This system has a working capacity of 45 m3/h.
This system is designed to include 2 levels of solids control and clarification
procedure. In order

to have a compact structure, this
system adopts the structure as integrating together a shale shaker and a desilter, which is a
Desilter Mud Cleaner with
Model GNZY753E-4N. First level separation is by a GNZS752E Linear Motion Shale
Shaker, and second level is combined of a

4N Desilter and a GNSB4×3A-11J
Centrifugal Pump. Centrifugal pump provides enough power for Desilter and
drilling mud was treated via centrifugal separation by Desilter, such is main
principle of the second level. Meanwhile, a GNSLM25 Jet Hopper was equipped on
tank to be

used for adding and deposition
drilling mud, thereby provide the rig with suitable mud for drilling technology

2) Installation
of GN 200gpm mud system

Make sure the operation field is
even and clean, and make the foundation. Install and fix GNZY753E-4N desilter
mud cleaner and GNSLM25 jet hopper ( other equipments are installed before

Connect all pipelines, walkways,
guardrails and stairs. Make sure all flexible parts can easily to swirl safely
and flexibly after installation. Locate the mud tank as per
drilling site and connect all connector clips for solids control equipment
control line.

The operation steps is also very
important, it have to be taught by professional engineers from the
manufacturer, GN Solids Control.  

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