Drilling Mud Treatment Equipment for overseas engineering service company

Recently one set of drilling mud treatment equipments are sent to overseas engineering service company, including GNMS-500D Desander Unit and GNLW224ET-VFD Decanter Centrifuge Unit.
The technical configuration is as below:

  1. One unit of GNMS-500D Desander Unit, which can be widely used as mud cleaning unit for HDD, Bored piling, TBM slurry treatment. The designed treating capacity is 500gpm, the features of this desander unit is as below:
    1) Compact design, small footprint
    2) Competitive price for economic solution of mud cleaning
    3) Only for mud cleaning, without mud mixing and mud storage, the user can connect it with further jet mud mixer unit with their own storage tank
    4) Easy operation and maintenance, including 1 unit of double deck shale shaker with one unit of desander cone, the bottom layer shaker screen as coarse solids separation shaker, the top layer screen as fine solids separation screen, to dry the discharged solids separated from desander cone. One unit of centrifugal pump as feeding pump, one catch tank to collect the fluids discharged from coarse solids separation shaker screens temporarily, one control panel to control all the motors in the unit. After treatment by GNMS-500D desander unit, the separation cut point is 45 microns. If the user want to separate more fine solids, they can use a desilter or use a decanter centrifuge.
  2. GNLW224ET-VFD Decanter Centrifuge Unit, including a decanter centrifuge with a fluids catching tank. The features of this unit is as below.
    1) Compact design
    2) Separation cut point 2~5 microns
    3) T series decanter centrifuge is special designed dewatering centrifuge to separate ultra fine solids from fluids, after treatment, the water can be reused to prepare for new drilling mud or send to waste water treatment for final disposal. With chemical dosing unit, the working efficiency can be highly increased.

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