Recently 2 units of desander unit are ready for shipment to HDD engineering company for HDD drilling mud treatment. The desander machine is also called economic configuration HDD mud cleaning unit, compare with high configuration HDD mud recycling unit, the desander unit is with compact footprint, economic price and flexible installation.


  1. Small area required, especially suitable for Piling, HDD and TBM works which is close to city center and space is very limited.
  2. Less budget, if the user has its own storage tank and mixing unit, they do not need to buy a complete HDD mud cleaning unit, they only need to buy a desander unit to connect with their storage tank and mixing unit, they pay less money to finish their projects.
  3. Flexible connection, as above, the customer do not always need to buy complete HDD mud recycling unit, the desander unit can be flexibly installed for different projects if only they have storage tank and mixing unit, which can be made locally to save freight cost and import tax.

  4. But compared with complete HDD mud recycling unit, the desander unit also has its disadvantages, for example, even though the treating capacity is same, but the treating performance is lower, for big HDD machine, the user must use complete HDD mud recycling unit to protect the HDD machine, if the recycling unit working efficiency is not enough, the working life of HDD machine will be influenced. GNMS-500D desander unit with desander cone only, so the separation cut point is 45 microns, if the project required separation cut point of the slurry is 20 microns, the user should add desilter cone and its centrifugal pump, which is included in the complete HDD mud recycling unit.
    If you need a mud treatment solution for your HDD project, pls contact with GN solids control.