One of the most current vision of GNZJ Mud Cleaners and GNLW decanter centrifuges was shown at OTC 2014 in Houston, USA. This can be the third time that GN brings the solids manage gear for the show. Not only the solids handle gear is improved and upgraded, but moreover GN established a Houston based American branch firm to provide nearby warehouse and soon after sales service to American market place.

Mud Cleaner and Desilter at OTC 2014

GNZJ-703E-2S12N Mud Cleaner is usually a mixture of 1 unit GNZS shale shaker, two sets desander Cone and 12 sets Desliter Cone utilizing a all round capacity of 240m3/h(1056GPM).

GNLW553-VFD is generally a major bowl massive volume decanter centrifuge specially designed for quickly processing operation with VFD and PLC manage method.

GNLW363-VFD is GN most well-known decanter that is certainly typically installed inside the active mud tank system for control the viscosity inside the water primarily based drilling mud.

GN Solids America Solids Deal with Gear warehouse is 30 munite drive from OTC Exhibition Center, many the prospects possess a check out there to sea the shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, shale shaker screen. Later GN will fill in much more as inventory which contains centrifugal pumps, solids control spare parts and so on.

GN believes GN Solids America LLC will enhance GN’s US & Canada solids control sales.

Centrifugal pump is most important conveying device in a oil and gas drilling mud solids control system. Main structure and parts of centrifugal pumps are impeller, pump cover, guide wheel, shaft, bearing, sealing devices and etc.

  1. Impeller: impeller is the most important part of centrifugal pump, it transfers the generator’s energy to the liquid. Most centrifugal pumps’ impellers are made of iron.
  2. Pump cover: pump cover is used to guide the liquid flow from impeller, as the flow cut is gradually larger and larger, the liquid flow’s speed smoothly lowered. Then dynamic energy turns into pressure. Besides that, pump cover guides the liquid to outlet pipe.
  3. Guide wheel: guide wheel is installed on out edge of impeller and fixed on pump cover, its main function same as pump cover.
  4. Sealing devices. In order to make sure the efficiency of centrifugal pump, there should be insulation from inside liquid and outside air. GNSB centrifugal pumps use mechanical sealing for better performance.

GNSB Series centrifugal pumps are one of main equipments GN Solids Control produce. In near future, GN will arrange a separate workshop especially for centrifugal pump production. GN centrifugal pumps’ spare parts are interchangeable with some world famous centrifugal pump. Each year, GN sells tens of systems with hundreds of centrifugal pumps. Besides that, GN also sells such pumps separately.

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This week GN solids America shipped 1 unit of variable speed decanter centrifuge to South America. Because the client need it urgently, we shipped it by air from Houston GEORGE BUSH INTERCNTL airport. That is not the initial time for us to ship the centrifuge by air, last year we shipped three units of decanter centrifuge by air from Beijing airport from our hearquarter and manufacture facility. We generally have our well known model decanter centrifuge in stock each in China, Beijing factory and in Houston, TX warehouse, if you would like to buy a centrifuge in stock or when you want some centrifuges urgently, pls make contact with GN solids America.
The varibale speed decanter centrifuge model is GNLW363VFD, rotary speed is 0~3200rpm, G force is max 3063, and cut point is 2~5 microns, centrifuge bowl diameter is 14inch, and 50 inch bowl length, the specification is comparable with MI-SWACO 518 series centrifuge. 
Function of GN variable speed decanter centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge Bowl Cylindrical and Conical section made from Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 by centrifugal casting, other Parts with the bowl assembly material: stainless steel SS316L. Screw conveyor protection is Tungsten Carbide Tiles for longer life and much easier replacement. Centrifuge Screw flow distribution port and bowl solids discharge port protected by tungsten carbide alloy. Bowl assembly supported by tighten belt for protection of bearing in moving. Pressurized EX Proof VFD manage cabinet with PLC controll, and with IEC ex certificate which can meet US oilfield normal. We also set up IEC EX electric primary motors and back drive motor, and also the centrifuge VFD is for 3 motors, main motor, back drive motor and feeding pump motor. SKF bearing for longer and trusted operation. In the event you need feeding pump, we’ll provide Germany NETZSCH brand constructive replacement pump as feeding pump of our decanter centrifuge. 
Except for such 14inch bowl centrifuge, we also have 22inch bowl centrifuge in stock for sale, welcome to get in touch with with GN solids America
Magnetic-drive, protected operating centrifuge

Nigeria is No.1 petroleum country in Africa. With its relative stable politics surroundings and rich oil resources, more and more investor come to this country, making this country to be flourishing and productive.

GN Solids America will attend Nigeria Oil & Gas Show in 2015, taking the latest model Vacuum Degasser,During solids control & drilling waste management scope, Vacuum Degasser quality talks much. The company who can supply Vacuum Degasser similar to USA Vacuum Degasser working performance, but the price is reasonable; he will win the market much.

GN Solids America has exported over 30 sets Vacuum Degasser & Hi-G Dryer to Nigeria market. Among them, over 20 set are Vacuum Degasser,Some of the cuttings are transported to rigsite for solids control & waste management work, some of the Vacuum Degasser are used for waste water separation and purify. The feedback from one customer is very good. He wrote in his email : “ the performance of the 2 Vacuum Degasser is very good, One Degasser worked for about 3 days non-stop and there was no problem with the bearing. They are very good.

With this oil show, we believe GN Vacuum Degasser can get better market share in Nigeria.

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