3 Phase Decanter Centrifuge for oil sludge treatment

GN designed 3 phase decanter centrifuge is mainly used for oil sludge treatment, slop oil treatment and other solids liquid liquid three phase separation, which consists of driving system, bowl assy, collection box, screw conveyor, centrifuge skid and VFD control panel.

The working principal of three phase decanter centrifuge is as below:
The 3 phase separation is based on different specific gravity and the difference should be obvious, , the solids, oil and water with different specific gravity, it is the basic pre-condition for performance well. With different specific gravity, the centrifugal force is different. The solids phase with large specific gravity and largest centrifugal force, the heavy liquid phase water with smaller specific gravity and smaller centrifugal force, the light liquid phase oil with smallest specific gravity and smallest centrifugal force. The centrifugal force becomes less from outside to inside and formed a solids layer and two liquid layers. The screw propeller is pushing the solids to small end solids discharge port, the 2 phase liquids are removed from heavy liquid outlet and light liquid outlet.
The bowl is made of duplex stainless steel SS2205, the screw conveyor material is also duplex stainless steel SS2205. The solids discharge port and liquid distribution nozzle are all protected by tungsten carbide insert. The screw conveyor is protected by tungsten carbide tiles and it is repairable. The main motor, back drive motor and pump motor 3 VFD drive installed inside the VFD control cabinet for frequency adjustment.
A pre-treatment equipment should be used to ensure the feeding material with solids content less than 10% and solids particle size should be smaller than 2mm. The 3 phase decanter centrifuge will be installed on top of mud tank. A separate bearing lubrication system is adopted for big model 3 phase decanter centrifuge, which will improve the working life of bearing.

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