ViST vacuum screen

GN Solids America will participate in 2023 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2023). The exhibition information is as below:
Exhibition Name:Offshore Technology Conference 2023
Exhibition location: NRG Park, Houston, TX, USA
Exhibition time: May 1st to 4th, 2023
Exhibition Stand No.: NRG Center 4047
Official website:

OTC had been held over 50 years since 1969 at NRG park ( formerly as Reliant Park) in Houston. OTC has expanded technically and globally with OTC Brasil and OTC Asia. If you would like to know more and talk more about GN Solids products, welcome to visit GN Solids America located at 6710 Windfern Road, Houston, TX 77040.

GN Solids America will show our lastest technology and core equipments, and take this opportunity to meet our valuable clients and introduce us to more companies who required a solids control/ drilling waste management/ oil sludge treatment/ waste water treatment/ solids liquid separation solution.
What products will GN show at OTC 2023?
1. ViST vacuum screen technology
ViST vacuum screen technology is mainly for recycle fluids and reduce waste during drilling. The purpose is to maximize the volume of recovered and reused fluids and provide much dryer cuttings. For the long term operation, ViST technology can save drilling cost and reduce waste management cost.
2. Shaker screen, not only for GN own shale shaker, but also replacement screens for other brand shale shaker.

3. Linear motion shale shaker, with 4 panel shaker screens
4. Drilling fluids cleaning decanter centrifuge, GN can provide 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch, 30 inch bowl centrifuge can produce different G force for your requirement.
5. Solids /sludge transfer vacuum pump, it can be used for many different applications, to transfer drilling mud, waste mud, waste solids, oil sludge, animal waste, sand, vessel bottom clean mud, hazardous waste, and dredging slurry, etc.

Recently one batch of ViST Vacuum Triple Shale Shaker are ready for shipment to China drilling company. The Features of the ViST vacuum triple shale shaker are as below:
1. The 3 units of ViST vacuum shale shaker are installed on the same skid, to meet the requirement of quick installation and transportation.

2. The ViST vacuum shale shaker can select configuration of 1 set ViST for 1 shale shaker or 1 set ViST for 3 shale shakers.
3. The single shale shaker model is GNZS595J with Splash prevention system to avoid drilling waste splashing on the shale shaker.
4. The 3 single shale shakers are installed on one skid with possum belly, the control panel of the shale shaker are installed on both sides of the possum belly for convenient operation.
GNZJ595H-SHBJ shale shaker is a linear motion shale shaker, normal treating capacity for drilling fluids is 140m3/h, 2ea of explosion proof vibration motors drives the shale shaker and produce vibration G force up to 7.5G, with 5pcs of shaker screen 585x1165mm, the total screen area is 3.4m2, the mechanical deck angle adjustment range while working is -1º~+5º, the deck angle can be adjusted synchronously on both sides. We have different explosion proof standards for option: CNEX, ATEX or IEC EX for option. The shaker screens replacement is very convenient, by ratchet wrench for quick shaker screen disassemble and assemble. The side fluids outlet and bottom fluids outlet is optional , it can be used in different sites.

The ViST vacuum screen can be applied for OBM, SOBM, WBM, the recovery efficiency is up to 30% ~50%, it can be used for mud temperature -15 º to +85 º. It is air operated, no need electricity required.
For more information of ViST vacuum screen, pls consult with GN Solids Control.

GN solid control will participate in the exhibition 2019 ADIPEC in Adu Dhabi again this year, this is one of the biggest and most important exhibition for oil and gas products & service, we had participated in this exhibition every year. The general information is as below.

Show time: Nov. 11th to 14th, 2019
Show location: Abu Dhabi National exhibition center( ADNEC)
Booth number: 10514

What products we will show?
1) GN ViST vacuum screen unit: it is used to increase the separation performance of shale shaker & shaker screens, and increase the useful drilling fluids recovery efficiency, reduce the volume of drilling waste produced, so that the drilling waste treatment cost will be reduced accordingly. The collection pan will be installed under the last panel shaker screen and connect to the vacuum unit which will provide vacuum to suck into the collection , then to the vacuum unit. One vacuum screen can work together for 2 ~3 units shale shaker.

2) Shaker screens: The OEM and replacement shaker screens produced by GN solids control are all composite material frame shaker screens, all the API mesh size over API60 adopted 3 layers stainless steel 316L wire mesh for reliable working and longer working life.
3) Decanter centrifuge: GN made high speed/VFD decanter centrifuge has been widely used for oil & gas industry solids control and drilling waste management, dewatering unit, construction waste treatment, oil sludge treatment, dredging slurry separation, and waste water treatment, including mining tails separate.

4) Vacuum pump: The vacuum pump can be used to transfer different materials like drilling cuttings, dry sand, cement, drilling fluids, slurry, oil sludge, contaminated soils, dredging slurry and all other kinds of sludge.
If you are interested in these products and would like to know more, welcome to visit GN stand at ADIPEC.