Vacuum Degasser Desanderno digdrilling mud

GN Solids Control is a world famous company specializing in manufacturing drilling mud solid control and waste management and recycling. Its product range covers shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, screw pump and so on. Its products are mainly used in oil and gas drilling, civil works(like piling, TBM, HDD), and mining industry.

In the oil and gas drilling application, there is one important equipment in the solid control system, that is vacuum degasser. It is usually used after the shale shaker and before the mud cleaner. The main application of the degasser is to eliminate the gas immersed in the drilling mud, which will help restoring the mud weight, stabilizing the slurry viscosity, reducing the drilling cost, and preventing the well blow out accident. The vacuum degasser is mainly composed of vacuum tank installed on a skid base, vacuum pump, gas water separator, control panel, explosive proof motor. Its working principle is that: under the effect of the suction power from vacuum pump, negative pressure zone will be generated in the vacuum tank, and the drilling mud will enter the hollow shaft of the rotor through the suction tube under the effect of the atmospheric pressure. Then the mud will hit the windows of the hollow shaft and be sprayed to the wall of vacuum tank. Under the collision effect of the separation baffle, the mud will be separated into thin layers, and bubbles immersed in the mud will be broken up and comes out. The gas will be discharged by the vacuum pump and gas water separator to the safe zone, the mud will be discharged outside of the tank by impeller. In the whole process, the rotor will keep running at high speed under the power of main motor.

Now GN has two kinds of vacuum degasser: GNZCQ270A and GNZCQ360A, the processing capacity for these two equipment is 270m3/h and 360m3/h. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

Nigeria is No.1 petroleum country in Africa. With its relative stable politics surroundings and rich oil resources, more and more investor come to this country, making this country to be flourishing and productive.

GN Solids America will attend Nigeria Oil & Gas Show in 2015, taking the latest model Vacuum Degasser,During solids control & drilling waste management scope, Vacuum Degasser quality talks much. The company who can supply Vacuum Degasser similar to USA Vacuum Degasser working performance, but the price is reasonable; he will win the market much.

GN Solids America has exported over 30 sets Vacuum Degasser & Hi-G Dryer to Nigeria market. Among them, over 20 set are Vacuum Degasser,Some of the cuttings are transported to rigsite for solids control & waste management work, some of the Vacuum Degasser are used for waste water separation and purify. The feedback from one customer is very good. He wrote in his email : “ the performance of the 2 Vacuum Degasser is very good, One Degasser worked for about 3 days non-stop and there was no problem with the bearing. They are very good.

With this oil show, we believe GN Vacuum Degasser can get better market share in Nigeria.

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