shale shaker screen

This week GN solids control shipped three containers of shaker screens to America warehouse, every month GN will ship thousands of shaker screens to Houston, USA to sell to our clients in North America and South America.

GN solids America is the branch company of GN solids control in Houston, USA, we have various models shaker screens stock in the warehouse, including:

Composite material frame replacement shaker screens of Mongoose shaker, dimension is 585x1165mm, all the API size higher than API 60 use 3 layers SS 316 wire mesh, the composite frame last longer than traditional steel frame screens, not easy to get rusty, it can be storage up to 5 years, and the effective screen area is 20% larger than steel frame screens.

Composite material replacement shaker screens of Brandt Cobra family screens, Venom screens, VSM 300 primary screens, VSM 300 secondary screens
Composite material replacement shaker screens of FSI shaker
Except for shaker screens, GN solids America also have linear motion shale shaker, linear motion mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, centrifugal pump, and spare parts in stock there for immediate shipment. All the equipments motor and control panel with IEC explosion proof certificate, which is acceptable in America.

If the client need a customized solution for HDD mud recycling system, oil sludge separation system, drilling waste management system, solids control system, vac hydro slurry treatment solution, pls contact with GN sales engineer. We can provide solution for all the applications for liquid and solids separation.

ADIPEC 2017 will be held in Abu Dhabi next week, this year as the oil price is recovering gradually and today the WTI price has reached up to USD 57 per barrel, we believe ADIPEC 2017 will be more successful than last year’s and will attract more and more attendees and exhibitors to attend the show, exchanging the ideas and share the latest technology in the oil and gas industry.

GN Solid Control is the advanced manufacturer for the solid control and waste management equipment and system. GN has been consistently attending the ADIPEC show for many years, and each year the customers will see GN’s growth and development. Now GN has become the one stop shop for all the solid control equipment, from shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, to the various kind of pumps, such as centrifugal pump, screw pump, to the agitator, mud gas separator. GN not only make some new in equipment, but also make the great upgrade on the shale shaker screen. From the beginning of this year, GN has fully upgraded its shaker screen from the old steel frame screen, this will make much better performance and longevity that ever before. Also the new composite frame screen has larger non blank area and the processing capacity has been improved dramatically. And most of the screens are 3 layers, the wire mesh suppliers are the same as the other famous brand screens, such as the MI SWACO, DERRICK. If you are interested in this product, you could come to GN’s booth and take a look at it. We believe you will be impressed by the screen when you finally see it. Seeing is believing, welcome to GN’s booth.

ADIPEC 2017 is just around the corner, all GN staff is ready to welcome the friends from all over the world. Also welcome you to log on to our website , and if you want to get more detailed info, you can send your inquiries to

GN Solids America now is doing some important modification in their Houston facility. Now they are expanding their warehouse inventory capacity by installing the screen rack and shelf inside the warehouse, after installation, the warehouse inventory capacity could be tripled to more than 6000 pieces of shaker screens. And it will mainly hold 4 types of composite frame shale shaker screens: MONGOOSE, KING COBRA/ VENOM, FLUID SYSTEM, and DERRICK.

Now there is another new 40 feet container coming into Houston, the expected arrival time will be next week. It will be full of MONGOOSE and FLUID SYSTEM shaker screens, all of them are composite frame screens. These screens have many great features, if the screen API above 60, the wire mesh will be rectangular shape and there will be 3 layers of wire mesh. It will dramatically increase the life of the screen. The wire mesh will be much thicker. The screen will be four side pretensioned, which will make the screens layers combined more tightly, this will also increase the longevity greatly. The screen weight will be decreased dramatically, this will increase the safety for the operator on the job site. The non blank area will also increase by 20%, the working hours can reach up to 300-700 hours. But comparing to the OEM screen manufacturers, GN’s replacement screen price can be only 40%-50% of them, this will help the operators save a lot of money, especially in this downturn time of the oil and gas industry.

Except for the shale shaker screens, GN Solids America also stocked about 20 units of solid control equipment, such as the decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, shale shaker, mud cleaner. If the customer need them, GN could ship them immediately to your job site.
Finally, GN could be your one stop shop for your solid control requirement, welcome to send your inquiries to .

WEFTEC 2017 will be held in Chicago from Oct. 2-4. As the largest water treatment show in North America, WEFTEC will attract all the experts and technicians all around the world to share the technology and expertise for the water treatment and water quality show.

GN solids control is the leading manufacturer in the solid control and waste management equipment. All of its equipment could be used in the water treatment technology to make the water quality meeting the environmental requirement. This year, GN Solids America will be exhibiting in the show for the first time, and it will demonstrate its 223 decanter centrifuge and 752 shale shaker. The booth number is 5622.

GN’s decanter centrifuge is a very mature product and is very popular with many customers. The bowl material is made of the 2205 stainless steel. The liquid and solid discharge port is made of tungsten carbide, which is very tough and endurable. This also needs less maintenance and will save the operators a lot of money. The bearing is made by the world famous brand SKF. It can separate the solid size from 2 to 5 microns. And the equipment is controlled by VFD system which means its processing speed and capacity could be adjusted as the user’s requirement. And this decanter has very small footprint and easy to move, very flexible to work in the remote area.

Another equipment GN will demonstrate is the shale shaker, it could reach the G force up to 8 G. And GN can customize the shaker as the customer’s requirement. GN also can manufacture the most important consumable part, the shale shaker screen. Now GN can not only manufacture its own OEM screen, but also can manufacture all the world famous screens, from API 10 to 400. And all its screens are adopted the advanced composite frame which has many great features. Please inquire us for more details.
We will look forward to meeting you in Chicago. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to

GN solid control is the world leading company for manufacturing solid control equipment and shale  shaker screens. From the beginning of 2017, GN has started upgrading its shale shaker screen product line, from its own OEM shaker screen, to many replacement screens for many world famous brand, such as the MONGOOSE, KING COBRA/ VENOR, FLUID SYSTEM, etc. Till now, GN can manufacture most of the replacement screens for the world famous brand. The longevity and performance is very similar or even better than the OEM, but the price is much better than the OEM. So that’s why GN is so successful in the shaker screen business in 2017 and will expect to more shaker screen business in the coming 2018.

Except for the good product itself, GN is also continuously issuing many promotional policies. For example, GN recently introduced a new policy called shale shaker screen reward policy, that means if any customer buys the composite frame shaker screen from GN, they can get one point by purchasing one piece of screen, the more you buy, the more points you will get. The points can be accumulated up to 5000, which is equal to USD 15,000. These points could be directly applied to the solid equipment purchase, deducting the purchase price. Among all the GN’s equipment, there are 3 types that will be applicable to the policy, they are shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge. Every time when you use the points to redeem for equipment, the minimum is 1000 points or integral multiple of 1000 points. This policy will last for two years from August 15, 2017. So hurry up, there is no second chance like this that will help you save money and get most out of everything.
If you are interested in this policy and want to know more details about this promotion policy, welcome to log on to GN’s website: or send email to .