linear motion shale shaker

According to the required treating capacity and maximum density/ viscosity of the drilling fluids, the user can select different numbers of high performance linear motion shale shakers. For example, normally 1000gpm treating capacity at 15cP will select 3 units shale shaker, 2 units in operation and 1 unit as back up. Sometimes as per client’s requirements, they can use 2 units of shale shakers, we have 3 panel linear motion shale shaker, 4 panel shale shaker ( linear motion, dual motion for option) for selection. E.g. when required treating capacity is 1200gpm at the same viscosity, they may also use 3 units of solids control shale shakers, single layer, 3 or 4 panels shaker screens, linear motion or dual motion as per required.

We can produce tandem shale shaker to install 2 units shale shaker on one skid with possum belly and pipelines, also we can produce triple shale shaker to install 3 units shale shaker on one skid with possum belly and pipelines, valves, arrangements. The package design is for easy transportation, easy operation.
Solids control shale shaker is the equipment to separate the solids based on physical size, which is decided by the shaker screen mesh size (the screen opening size ). The further phase separation equipments, such as desander cone, desilter cone, decanter centrifuge, separated based on the difference between fluids and relative weight.
GN designed shale shaker are all installed with composite material frame shaker screens, the dimension is different based on different models. Except for single layer shale shaker, we also produce double deck shale shaker when required treating capacity is very high. Right now GN solids control have one batch of solids control shale shakers in stock for sale, if you need high performance linear motion shale shaker urgently, pls contact with GN Solids.

As a complete zero discharge system manufacturer in China, GN solids control can produce customized zero discharge system and major equipments, including linear motion shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyor, screw pump, collection tanks, etc. The working process is as below:

The used drilling fluids flow to 2 or 3 or 4 units of solids control shale shaker, the fluids dropped into the mud tank, the drilling cuttings are separated out and collected by screw conveyor and transfer to vertical cuttings dryer ( if for oil based mud or synthetic oil based mud), to reduce the moisture and oil content, the discharge cuttings with oil content below 5%, which can be disposal directly or for land fill. If for water based mud, we will use high G drying shaker to dry the water based drilling cuttings. The recovery fluids flow to intermediate tank, which will be feed to VFD decanter centrifuge by its feeding pump ( screw pump). The fluids discharged from decanter centrifuge will be transferred back to solids control system mud tank and mix with chemicals to prepare for new drilling fluids.
The mud cleaner is a combination of desander cone, desilter cone, bottom shale shaker, with 2 units of centrifugal pumps as feeding pump of desander cone and desilter cone. The desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns, the desilter cone separation cut point is 25 microns. The fluids treated by desilter cone flow to mud tank. If required, middle speed decanter centrifuge and high speed decanter centrifuge will be installed after mud cleaner. The discharged solids from mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge will be collected and transferred to solidification unit together with the solids discharged from VFD decanter centrifuge.
If you need zero discharge system, pls contact with GN solids control.

As a professional solids control equipments manufacturer in China, GN solids control can produce both linear motion shale shaker and balanced elliptical motion shale shaker, the working principal of linear motion is as below:

Two counter rotating vibration motors rotate in opposite directions, the force generated on the shaker deck is zero, which results the linear motion. G force sticker can be put on the shaker deck to test the acceleration, and the user can calculate the G force according to the formula.
GN Dual Motion shale shaker with 2 vibration motors to achieve linear motion and progressive elliptical motion, the operation process is as below: One vibration motor is normal design, the other set vibration motor is Swing weight motor, it produces different G force when forward and reverse ( there are arrow to show the rotary direction on the vibration motor). When forward, the produced vibration G force is matched with the other set vibration motor G force to produce linear motion; when reverse, the produced G force is smaller than the other set vibration motor G force, the joint force generated by the G force of 2 vibration motors, the formed torque to Centroid is mutative, Simultaneously the progressive elliptical motion is generated under the action of the shaker deck gravity.
GN produced linear motion shale shaker, elliptical motion shale shaker, dual motion shale shaker have been used to treat different types drilling fluids. Linear motion shale shaker can be mostly used for water based drilling fluids, Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid.
The shale shaker can be made to tandem shale shaker, triple shale shaker for convenient operation and transportation. We can also produce dual deck shale shaker for special requirement.
If you need linear motion shale shaker and dual motion shale shaker, pls contact with GN solids control.

Recently 3 sets of 1500gpm drilling mud cleaner are ready for shipment to drilling company in China, the model is GNZJ594F-3S16NF.
The technical configuration is as below:

The linear motion shale shaker with treating capacity 360m3/h, with 3 sets of 10 inch desander cone, 16 ea of 4 inch desilter cone, all the hydrocyclones are made of 100% polyurethane material for better wear resistance, the bottom shale shaker installed 4 panel composite frame shaker screen, all the shaker screens are tested by independent third party USA company according to API RP 13C. The shaker screen dimension is 585 x 1165mm, features of GN shaker screens including four side tension of mesh during heat press, composite material frame screen to increase the usable area, and repairable to save cost, longer time storage up to 5 years, high performance wire mesh configuration is compliant to API RP13C with longer screen life. The total screen area is 2.73m2, the deck angle adjustment range is -1 ~ +5°, the adjust G force is up to 7.5G which is provided by 2 ea vibration motor. The vibration motor is made from Italy Oli, Itavibras or US Martin, to be certified by CNEX, IEC EX, ATEX or UL.
The mud cleaner can be made as desander without bottom shaker, desilter without bottom shaker, desander mud cleaner ( desander with bottom shaker), desilter mud cleaner( desilter with bottom shaker) and 3 in 1 mud cleaner.

The mud cleaner is installed after linear motion shale shaker, or after vacuum degasser, the desander cone separation cut point is 45 microns, the desilter cone separation cut point is 20 microns, if the client need to separate more fine solids, middle speed decanter centrifuge will be used for barite recovery, the high speed decanter centrifuge will be used for low gravity solids separation.

Recently one unit of mud cleaning system for offshore platform is ready for shipment. Different with normal design drilling mud cleaning system for onshore drilling, the mud cleaning system for offshore is with different features, like compact design, convenient transportation, offshore lifting frame, explosion proof standard to meet offshore drilling requirement, painting and coating to meet offshore requirement for better corrosion resistance.

The technical configuration is as below:
1) One unit of linear motion shale shaker, the discharged solids are collected by buffer box and collected by screw conveyor, which can transfer the drilling waste to cuttings box. The shale shaker are installed on the mud tank with offshore standard lifting pad, it needs to be lifted to the offshore platform frequently, the safety should be assured. All the mud tank pipelines are layout outside for convenient maintenance and operation. All the valves, fittings, flanges are all oil resistance material for longer working life. The shale shaker equipped with 2 ea Italy Oil brand vibration motor, the shaker screens are produced comply with API RP13C standard, with 3 layers stainless steel material wire mesh, composite material frame for longer working life. The shaker screens fixing method is by wedges.

2) One unit of mud cleaner (desander, desilter and shale shaker 3 in 1), the desander cone and desilter cone are all made of 100% polyurethane material for longer working life. The bottom shale shaker is same model with the shale shaker, the shaker screens are with same dimension. The shaker deck bottom are made of stainless steel material for better corrosion resistance.
3) Centrifugal pump, the pump casing and impeller such wear parts are made of ductile hard alloy for longer working life, FAG brand bearing for reliable operation. We can get offshore lifting pad certificate as per client’s requirement.