Hydrovac Slurry Treating System

Recently one unit of mud cleaning package equipment is ready for shipment to New Zealand. The system consists of coarse shaker separation unit, fine mesh shale shaker unit, desilter unit and decanter centrifuge unit with chemical dosing unit. It can be widely used for hydrovac waste cleaning treatment, construction slurry dewatering system.

The coarse shaker separation unit with coarse shaker tank, the slurry from vacuum truck are loading to catch hopper which with spray nozzles and big hole mesh then drop into the coarse shaker to separate the coarse solids, stone, mess. Agitators are installed on top of catch tank to avoid solids sedimentation. The submersible slurry pump transfer the treated slurry and feed to fine mesh shale shaker.

The fine mesh shale shaker separate the fine solids from the slurry and drop into shaker tank with mud agitator, the vertical pump feed the slurry to desilter cone, which can separate the solids bigger than 20 microns. The fluids is feed to decanter centrifuge which is installed on the telescopic skid, there is a fluids catching tank installed on the skid and under centrifuge to catch the treated fluids. A chemical dosing unit prepared for chemicals and feed to decanter centrifuge feed tube.

The hydrovac waste cleaning system has been widely used in North America and Australia, New Zealand. We can design customized slurry cleaning system according to client’s requirement. The decanter centrifuge used for construction slurry dewatering system is normally big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge, 30 inch bowl diameter, 131 inch bowl length, the max speed is 2650rpm with max G force 3000G, the typical speed is 2200rpm with typical G force 2412G. The max mechanical capacity is 285m3/h, typical capacity is 225m3/h, the dewatering capacity is 50m3/h, main motor is 160KW, back motor is 90KW, with VFD control panel.

We have over 11 units of Hydrovac Slurry Treating System working in North America, especially in USA.
The purpose to use GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating System is to get solids and recover water, the water can reused to flush the hydrovac trucks and send to third party waste water treatment facility for further treatment, and reuse for other applications. After the first unit of Hydrovac Slurry Treating System successfully working in USA, we have got similar inquries from our customers in the same industry, we will provide customized design system for their different requirement.

What is hydrovac excavation?
Hydro Excavation is the process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. Large volume water is required for Hydro Excavation, water recovery can save cost for the user of Hydro Excavation.
By using GN Hydrovac Slurry Treating System, the user can recovery most of fluids from discharged solids, which is environment friendly and reduce solids disposal cost.
The technical configuration is as below:
1) Slurry collection hopper modular to receive slurry from the Hydrovac truck conveniently
2) Coarse solids separation shaker modular to separate big solids from the slurry, the shaker screen is special for durable life during working.
3) Fine solids separation shaker and desilter, the 4 inch desilter cone separation cut point is 20 microns

4) Decanter centrifuge modular with chemical dosing unit
A big bowl big volume decanter centrifuge should be applied when chemical is adding into the fluids, the function is to accumulated ultra fine solids to bigger size solids, so that it will be easily separated out by centrifugal force, the max G force of GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is 2719G, max speed is 3000rpm. The separation cut point is 2~ 5 microns.
5) Mud tank to install all of the equipments on it in modular for convenient transportation.