Desander cones

In a comprehensive closed loop of solids handle program for drilling rig, hydrocyclones combines the second and third stages for separation process. In the course of years of job experiences, the technologies has enhanced, and efficiency gets raised accordingly.
Usually, you’ll find 3 sorts optioned and now are still well-known in action:
1. Desander cones and desilter cones: GNWS-2S, GNWS-12N
This can be a very simple set of desander or desilter. By indicates of centrifugal sedimentation, 2 phase components are separated, the liquid portion goes up and discharged in one particular way, while solids element falls down in an additional way. Benefit of desander/desilter is its compact style, which needs smaller sized footprint and no consumption of shaker screens. But the treated cuttings will not be so dry. That is why this is normally utilised for unweighted mud.
two. Desander/desilter with beneath flow shaker:GNZJ752E-2S, GNZJ752E-12N
Besides the centrifugal sedimentation function offered by hydrocyclones, the desander/desilter with underflow shaker also adopts a shaker for additional drying of cuttings. The solids particles discharged by hydrocyclones fall on the screen and dried by the linear motional shaker. This style like GNZJ752E-2S is greater for weighted mud therapy comparing with GNWS-2S.
3. Mud Cleaner: GNZJ703E-2S/12N or GNZJ594E-2S12N
Here we group mud cleaner into the desander/desilter catalog mainly because its function: 3 in 1 mixture of shale shaker, desander and desilter. The below shaker is employed as drying shaker for solids particles from each desander and desilter. This really is most popular solution for most customers.

GN’s functions for above equipments:
1. Desander/desilter cones, PU material for longer service life
two. For desander/desilter with below flow shaker, it can be easily to take away the hydrocyclones and get a shale shaker. Or interchange desander cones into desilter cones with very same shaker.
three. For shaker parts, GNZJ use popular brand vibration motor for sufficient vibration force and longer life.
four. Complete shaker deck heat remedy to get a stronger structure.
five. Wedge for straightforward changing shaker screens.
6. Shaker deck angle adjustable.
Might you might be in require of above equipments, pls speak to us directly. We’re skilled in giving have to suitable option for the job internet site.

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