What is drilling waste treatment?

What is waste treatment in oil & gas drilling industry? It is the solution for Containment, Transportation, Treatment and Disposal of the drilling wastes. Its purpose is to protect the environment, to reduce the pollution,, to reduce the drilling waste disposal cost, to recover more useful drilling fluids for reuse.
The drilling fluids treatment process is that the mud generated from well head flow to solids control system for treatment, the useful fluids are reused to prepare for new drilling fluids by mixing with proper chemicals, the solids are drilling waste, which is a combination of solids and liquids, take oil based drilling waste as example, according to API solids size classification, the coarse solids size are bigger than 2000μm, the medium solids size range is 74~ 250μm, which can be separated by shaker screens, the fine solids size range is 44~74μm, which can be separated out by desander cone, the ultra fine solids size range is 2 ~44μm, which can be separated by 4 inch desilter cone and high speed decanter centrifuge, the colloidal size is smaller than 2μm, with chemical dosing unit, the dewatering centrifuge can separate it out. To improve the drilling waste treatment efficiency, the best solution is waste minimization.
The drilling waste treatment solution including cuttings handling system and cuttings treatment system. The cuttings handling system mainly consists of augers, waste collection hopper, vacuum pump, etc, the screw conveyor collect the drilling waste from solids control primary shaker and transfer to vertical cuttings dryer or high G drying shaker. The cuttings treatment system consists of vertical cuttings dryer, high G drying shaker, dewatering centrifuge, feeding pump, tank skid, skip, etc.
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GNSOLIDSAMERICA Can Manufacture Premium Vertical cuttings dryer

GNSOLIDSAMERICA Can Manufacture Premium Vertical cuttings dryer

As quite a few drilling contractors have organization inside the location and a few drilling contractors don’t take care of the atmosphere, the environment in some portion from the Middle East is very a great deal polluted. So the government requires action against this and waste management is coming. And also the Middle East is becoming a good market place for waste management operations.

Throughout waste management procedure, for oil-based mud, cuttings dryer may be the commonest gear utilised to decrease the oil content of drilling solids. Now one of the most popular cuttings dryer in the Middle East and Venezuela is Swaco VERTI-G Dryer. GNSOLIDSAMERICA now can also manufacture premium vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste manage.

another part: VERTI-G cuttings dryer

The VERTI-G cuttings dryer is incorporated with a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid/solid separation in large-volume processing. This mechanism tends to make the VERTI-G Dryer 1 on the very best and most reliable cutting dryers inside the industry. The VERTI-G Dryer gives operators a crucial benefit in meeting increasingly stringent environmental rules for cuttings disposal.

Application of GNSOLIDSAMERICA Vertical Cuttings Dryer:

The GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for Water based Mud returns and recycles large proportion SBM ( Synthetic Base Mud ) and OBM ( Oil Base Mud ) towards the purification program, which within the previous was regarded as waste dumped for the surroundings. GNSOLIDSAMERICA Vertical Centrifuge can lower cutting OOC than 6%, the existing discharging limit in a lot of regions with the world, having said that, our goal is to make it decrease than 5%, as well as further.

Capabilities & Benefits of GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for Water based Mud

1. Efficient solid/fluid separation performance, and able to minimize the drilling fluids content in cuttings as well as reduce the amount of waste to be treated.

2. Effectively separates and recovers larger-proportion drilling fluids that can be reused in the drilling solids purification system and recovers the drilling fluids lost from shale shaker and by derrick or screen block.

3. Normal wearing parts are replacable from the top of device; the belt is easily changed without having to remove any parts.

4. Interchangeable tungsten-carbide rotor blades and gear box prevent excessive erosion and minimizes the losses on main components.

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