chemical dosing unit

Recently GN solids control shipped one unit of large mud decanter centrifuge system to our TBM engineering client. The technical configuration is as below:


1) One unit of 30 inch bowl diameter decanter centrifuge GNLW764A-VFD, which is the largest model decanter centrifuge we produced, we also have smaller model decanter centrifuge, with 9 inch bowl, 14 inch bowl, 18 inch bowl, 22 inch bowl with different bowl length. The big bowl decanter centrifuge should be drived by GN made VFD control panel, for oil & gas industry, it should be positive pressurized VFD control panel, to comply with CNEX or IEC EX or ATEX explosion proof standard as per client’s requirement. For HDD, TBM, Piling etc construction works, the VFD control panel is a non explosion proof control panel, no need a air compressor for air supply, but the main motor drive, ,back drive motor and pump motor are all controlled by the VFD control panel, to adjust the feed rate , to input different differential speed and input different main bowl speed to reach a better separation result. All of the 3 drives are from world famous brand ABB drive.

2) One unit of GNDW-6000L automatic chemical dosing unit, with treating capacity 6000L/h flocculants, which are installed inside the 20ft container, with windows, doors, lighting, air conditioner and others. The chemical dosing system including 3 compartment stainless steel material mixing tank, each compartment with its agitator, a screw conveyor transfer the dry powder flocculants and add to the mixing tank. The prepared chemicals are transferred to decanter centrifuge feed tube by chemical dosing pump, one for use, one as back up. The chemicals and mud are mixed in the decanter centrifuge feed tube, the ultra fine solids or suspended solids are aggregated into larger particles, so that the solids can be separated easily by decanter centrifuge, to get more pure water and drier solids waste.

GN drilling mud dewatering unit and solidification unit are successfully used in Africa jobsite.

The drilling mud dewatering unit is ideal equipment to treat the water based drilling mud, it consists of VFD decanter centrifuge, chemical dosing unit, centrifuge feeding pump and fluids collection tank, all of the equipments are installed inside the container. By adding proper chemicals, most of the ultra fine solids are separated out from the fluids and collect in the tank, the solids are separated out and collected by cuttings box and screw conveyor to transfer to the big hopper of the solidification unit. The decanter centrifuge bowl is made of duplex stainless steel 2205 or 2304, the other bowl components are made of SS316L, the screw propeller is made of stainless steel material, and it is protected by tungsten carbide tiles, the open type propeller design will increase the treating efficiency.

Solidification unit is the equipments to solidify materials so that the treated materials can be moved or landfilled without leakage to meet environmental protection standard. The discharged cuttings are collected in the big collection hopper and transferred by the bottom screw conveyor, the solidification materials are storage into 2 box, one is with absorbents, the other one is with cement, each box with its own transfer conveyor, the cuttings are mixed with the absorbents and cement in the shear mixer automatically.
If the user use the cuttings solidification unit directly, the consumption of the absorber and cements will be very huge, which makes the treatment cost not competitive. The drilling mud dewatering unit will reduce the moisture of the drilling mud effectively and the cuttings solidification unit can use less volume chemicals, and the discharged fluids can be reused or sent to third party water treatment facility for further treatment.
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Recently GN solids control shipped 3 package of dewatering centrifuge unit to Europe client, the configuration is as below:

3 sets of GNLW224EP-VFD decanter centrifuge
3 sets of dewatering unit
3 sets of centrifuge feeding pump ( positive displacement pump) installed on the fluids collection tank.
The working principal of 1 package of dewatering centrifuge unit is as below:

The screw pump feed the fluids to VFD decanter centrifuge, in the meanwhile, the chemical is mixed by dewatering unit and the chemical dosing pump transfer the chemical to decanter centrifuge feed tube, so the solids can be separated out easily with chemical mixing and collected by cuttings box, the fluids will drop down into the fluids collection box for reuse or send to further waste water treatment. The discharged water is clear enough since most ultra fine solids are separated out.
GNLW224EP-VFD decanter centrifuge is a 9 inch bowl mini decanter centrifuge with bowl length 36.4 inch, the bowl length is longer than GNLW223 series centrifuge with longer clarification segment, the discharged water will be more clear with the longer bowl cone. The max bowl speed is 5000rpm, typical bowl speed is 0 ~ 4500 rpm, with max G force is 3077G, typical G force is 2492G, the main motor is 11KW, back drive motor power is 5.5KW, the gearbox ratio is 95:1, gearbox torque is 1400 N.M.

The VFD control panel controlled the main motor, back drive motor and feed pump motor frequency, the Germany Netzsch brand screw pump work steadily to the decanter centrifuge, the fluids touch part is wear resistance alloy iron.
Except for 9 inch bowl decanter centrifuge, we also provide dewatering centrifuge package with other size decanter centrifuge, including 14 inch bowl, 18 inch bowl, 22 inch bowl, 30 inch bowl with different model dewatering unit and feed pump.

One set of waste water decanter centrifuge with chemical dosing unit to Middle East for waste water treatment project. The technical configuration is as below:

1 set of GNLW454-VFD decanter centrifuge, the centrifuge bowl diameter is 450mm, centrifuge bowl length is 1890mm, designed capacity is 400gpm, max bowl speed is 3500rpm, normal working speed is 0 ~3200rpm, max G force is 3084G, the mechanical separation cut point is 2 ~5 microns, the differential speed is 0 ~ 45 rpm, gearbox torque is 7500N.M., with gearbox ratio is 57:1, the main motor power is 55KW, back drive motor is 22KW, pump motor is 15KW. The bowl material is made of duplex stainless steel 2205 or 2304, the other bowl is made of stainless steel 316L.the bearing is SKF brand, the screw propeller is protected by tungsten carbide tiles. The solids discharge port and fluids distribution port is protected by tungsten carbide alloy.

The VFD control panel drive the decanter centrifuge main motor, back drive motor and pump motor. The pump flow rate can be controlled by adjust pump motor frequency. Except for GNLW454-VFD decanter centrifuge, we also produce 18 inch bowl decanter centrifuge with shorter length as GNLW453-VFD, which can be used for drilling fluids treatment, drilling waste management, oil sludge treatment and other kind of slurry separation. The other decanter centrifuge models including 9 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW223D, GNLW224-VFD; 14 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW363-VFD, GNLW364-VFD; 22 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW553-VFD, GNLW554-VFD; 30 inch bowl centrifuge GNLW764-VFD, etc. We can also provide customized dewatering centrifuge solution for their special requirement.

1 set of chemical dosing unit, including 3 compartment tank , hopper, agitator, level meter, auger conveyor, piping system, PLC smart control, 2 units of chemical dosing pump, pressure gauge, valves, skid, etc.
1 set of screw pump as centrifuge feeding pump

Recently we shipped one unit of containerized chemical dosing system for dewatering centrifuge to our client in Africa, this is repeat order from one of our old client. The technical configuration is as below:

The three tank automatical powder polymer mixing system, including 3 compartment tank, auger conveyor, hopper, 3 sets agitator, level meter, solenoid valve, piping system, flow meter and PLC control system for automatic continuous operation, 2 sets of chemical dosing pump, 2 sets safety valve, pressure gauge and pump holder, etc.
Coagulant mixing tank including agitator, level meter, 2 sets of chemical dosing pump, safety valve, pressure gauge, pump holder, etc.
All of these above items are installed inside 20ft container, with windows, doors, lightings and air conditioner.

The dewatering unit worked with dewatering centrifuge, as one of professional decanter centrifuge manufacturer in China, GN solids control produce various size decanter centrifuge from 9 inch bowl, 14 inch bowl, 18 inch bowl, 22 inch bowl, 30 inch bowl, with different bowl length for different applications. The client already purchased the dewatering centrifuge before, when the treated fluids/ mud will be recovery for reuse, only mechanical separation will be enough, cause the decanter centrifuge cut point is 2~ 5 microns, which can separate most of the fine solids from the mud/drilling waste. When the drilling project is finished and the purpose is to get pure water and final disposal, we need to use dewatering unit ( into the container) to get the ultra fine solids to be accumulated into the particles which can be treated by decanter centrifuge. The discharged water remained solids only below 1 microns, most of the solids can be separated out, the discharged solids is dry enough to be collected by waste truck.
If you need dewatering centrifuge with chemical dosing unit, pls contact with GN solids control.