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GN Solids Control is an integrated company for manufacturing the solid control system and waste management equipment and system. Established in 2007 in China, GN now has grown from a local Chinese company to an international company with its products sold to more than 60 countries. In 2014, GN set up its overseas subsidiaries in US and Russia to get closer to the local customer and better serve the local market.decanter centrifuge
Among all the GN’s product line, there are there main ones which are more reliable, mature and popular in the market, they are shale shaker, decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer. As one of the key components in the solid control and waste management system, decanter centrifuge plays an important role in the solid and liquid separation process.
Among the Decanter centrifuge’s different specification and configurations, GNLW 363C is the most popular and reliable, it is the star product. There are fixed speed centrifuge and VFD controlled centrifuge. There are many highlights about the equipment: the bowl material is made from duplex stainless steel 2205 which is made by centrifugal casting, and it’s much better than stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316. The solid waste discharge port is protected by special ceramic inserts which is made by world famous manufacturer with longer and more endurable life. The adjustable effluent port make the pond depth adjustment easier and more convenient and fast. The pneumatic controlled spring will make the opening of the cover more easily and safely. During the transportation, the bowl lifting bracket can perform as the protection for the bearings. The bearings are made by the world famous SKF company. The two motors are placed at one side of the equipment and make it smaller footprint. The conveyor surface is made from Tungsten carbide tiles which is more endurable and easy for maintenance. The VFD system is provided by ABB or SIEMENS. ATEX and IEC EX for zone 1 control panel can be provide as request.US STOCK
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This week GN solids America shipped 1 unit of variable speed decanter centrifuge to South America. Because the client need it urgently, we shipped it by air from Houston GEORGE BUSH INTERCNTL airport. That is not the initial time for us to ship the centrifuge by air, last year we shipped three units of decanter centrifuge by air from Beijing airport from our hearquarter and manufacture facility. We generally have our well known model decanter centrifuge in stock each in China, Beijing factory and in Houston, TX warehouse, if you would like to buy a centrifuge in stock or when you want some centrifuges urgently, pls make contact with GN solids America.
The varibale speed decanter centrifuge model is GNLW363VFD, rotary speed is 0~3200rpm, G force is max 3063, and cut point is 2~5 microns, centrifuge bowl diameter is 14inch, and 50 inch bowl length, the specification is comparable with MI-SWACO 518 series centrifuge. 
Function of GN variable speed decanter centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge Bowl Cylindrical and Conical section made from Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 by centrifugal casting, other Parts with the bowl assembly material: stainless steel SS316L. Screw conveyor protection is Tungsten Carbide Tiles for longer life and much easier replacement. Centrifuge Screw flow distribution port and bowl solids discharge port protected by tungsten carbide alloy. Bowl assembly supported by tighten belt for protection of bearing in moving. Pressurized EX Proof VFD manage cabinet with PLC controll, and with IEC ex certificate which can meet US oilfield normal. We also set up IEC EX electric primary motors and back drive motor, and also the centrifuge VFD is for 3 motors, main motor, back drive motor and feeding pump motor. SKF bearing for longer and trusted operation. In the event you need feeding pump, we’ll provide Germany NETZSCH brand constructive replacement pump as feeding pump of our decanter centrifuge. 
Except for such 14inch bowl centrifuge, we also have 22inch bowl centrifuge in stock for sale, welcome to get in touch with with GN solids America
Magnetic-drive, protected operating centrifuge

NOV’s Mission Magnum is the most popular centrifugal pump in the drilling industry. Every year lots of wear pumps are required but because of the high cost and long delivery time, it is necessary to find a long term and reliable supplier for Mission Magnum centrifugal pump parts. GN solids control has the production capability to produce not only our own brand centrifugal pumps for 3×2, 4×3, 6×5, 8×6 series, but also we produce wear parts for Mission centrifugal pump Magnum and 250 series, because GN Decanter Centrifuge parts are replaceable with Mission’s.

Features of Magnum Centrifugal Pump:

The Magnum has an open impeller design that contains wide-tipped vanes and a more tangential circumference of the suction allowing the pump to create a smoother flow pattern when handling abrasive fluids. The Magnum pumps can be unitized with electric motors, diesel engines, and hydraulic motors (horizontal, vertical, or close-coupled configuration). 

Typical Applications of Magnum Centrifugal Pump:
• Barite, ferric oxide, and mineral oil
• Base drilling muds
• Glass fibers
• Sugar processing
• Ash or coal conveyers
• Cement
• Mine de-watering
GN own produced centrifugal pump models as below:

GNSB8×6A-14J, GNSB8×6A-12J, GNSB8×6A-13J,  GNSB8×6A-11J, GNSB6×5A-13J, GNSB6×5A-10J, GNSB6×5A-12J, GNSB6×5A- 9.5J, GNSB5×4A-13J, GNSB5×4A-11J, GNSB5×4A-12J, GNSB5×4A-10J, GNSB4×3A-13J, GNSB4×3A-12J, GNSB4×3A-12J, GNSB4×3A-10J, GNSB4×3A-11J

Pls contact GN solids America in Houson to check the stock Decanter Centrifuge
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