Last month, GN Solids Manage has delivered four sets of shale shakers, 1 set of Mud Gas Separator, 1 sets of decanter centrifuge and one hundred ea shaker screens to South America.
These Mud Gas Separator equipments had been ordered by a Latin American consumer in the course of GN Solids America?ˉs attendance in OTC Oil Show which was held in May possibly in Houston. It was the initial time that buyer met GN, but before he came to OTC, he currently heard of GN. He said it was his first order with GN, and he would acquire extra in close to future.
This is not very first time GN Solids Manage supplies its items to South America, but very first time of GN Solids America. GN’s Mud Gas Separator equipments has been working together with solids control and waste management systems in South America for various years, and, mostly in plains, while some in plateaus.
GN Solids Control designs and manufactures Shale Shakers, Mud Cleaners, Decanter Centrifuges which could be applied in oil and gas solids control, CBM, HDD and piling projects mud recycling systems.
Appropriate now GN Solids Control has 1 set of GNLW454 Significant Bowl decanter centrifuge, 2 sets of GNLW363BG high speed decanter centrifuges, two sets of GNLW363BG-VFD decanter centrifuges for sale in GN Solids America warehouse for sale. Apart from above pointed out equipments, GN Solids America also has a compact 500GPM program for CBM or HDD drillings out there in stock.
For those Mud Gas Separator who have interest, welcome to speak to GN Solids Control or GN Solids America for a lot more info.

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Bentonite Recovery Unit for HDD Drilling Rigs

In a comprehensive closed loop of solids handle program for drilling rig, hydrocyclones combines the second and third stages for separation process. In the course of years of job experiences, the technologies has enhanced, and efficiency gets raised accordingly.
Usually, you’ll find 3 sorts optioned and now are still well-known in action:
1. Desander cones and desilter cones: GNWS-2S, GNWS-12N
This can be a very simple set of desander or desilter. By indicates of centrifugal sedimentation, 2 phase components are separated, the liquid portion goes up and discharged in one particular way, while solids element falls down in an additional way. Benefit of desander/desilter is its compact style, which needs smaller sized footprint and no consumption of shaker screens. But the treated cuttings will not be so dry. That is why this is normally utilised for unweighted mud.
two. Desander/desilter with beneath flow shaker:GNZJ752E-2S, GNZJ752E-12N
Besides the centrifugal sedimentation function offered by hydrocyclones, the desander/desilter with underflow shaker also adopts a shaker for additional drying of cuttings. The solids particles discharged by hydrocyclones fall on the screen and dried by the linear motional shaker. This style like GNZJ752E-2S is greater for weighted mud therapy comparing with GNWS-2S.
3. Mud Cleaner: GNZJ703E-2S/12N or GNZJ594E-2S12N
Here we group mud cleaner into the desander/desilter catalog mainly because its function: 3 in 1 mixture of shale shaker, desander and desilter. The below shaker is employed as drying shaker for solids particles from each desander and desilter. This really is most popular solution for most customers.

GN’s functions for above equipments:
1. Desander/desilter cones, PU material for longer service life
two. For desander/desilter with below flow shaker, it can be easily to take away the hydrocyclones and get a shale shaker. Or interchange desander cones into desilter cones with very same shaker.
three. For shaker parts, GNZJ use popular brand vibration motor for sufficient vibration force and longer life.
four. Complete shaker deck heat remedy to get a stronger structure.
five. Wedge for straightforward changing shaker screens.
6. Shaker deck angle adjustable.
Might you might be in require of above equipments, pls speak to us directly. We’re skilled in giving have to suitable option for the job internet site.

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USA desander is below to solids control part

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Mud agitator is a compact unit used for the drilling fluids. Not only applied within the mud mixing tank for mixing the drilling fluids using a selection of chemical, but additionally utilized inside the storage tank avoid the sediment.

GN mud agitator is with various explosion for instance ATEX and IE CEX. The motor power is from 3KW(4HP) to 22 KW (30HP) to meet with diverse sorts of density of mud. Based on the distinct deep of mud tank, GN is able to deliver the single, double even the triple impeller in an effort to correctly mix the drilling fluid. Also, there is a really essential info shoppers need to have to provide to us could be the length of shaft. Regard for the length of mud agitator, we are capable of fabricating shaft and installing with stabilizer around the bottom of tank. Technically, the productive working diameter of mud agitator is three meters. On the other hand, the corner of mud tank is want to use the GN mud gun to prevent the mud sediment. So, GN mud agitator and mud gun are basic unit equipped around the mixing tank and storage tank.

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GNSOLIDSAMERICA Can Manufacture Premium Vertical cuttings dryer

As quite a few drilling contractors have organization inside the location and a few drilling contractors don’t take care of the atmosphere, the environment in some portion from the Middle East is very a great deal polluted. So the government requires action against this and waste management is coming. And also the Middle East is becoming a good market place for waste management operations.

Throughout waste management procedure, for oil-based mud, cuttings dryer may be the commonest gear utilised to decrease the oil content of drilling solids. Now one of the most popular cuttings dryer in the Middle East and Venezuela is Swaco VERTI-G Dryer. GNSOLIDSAMERICA now can also manufacture premium vertical cuttings dryer for drilling waste manage.

another part: VERTI-G cuttings dryer

The VERTI-G cuttings dryer is incorporated with a high-speed vertical centrifuge that achieves maximum liquid/solid separation in large-volume processing. This mechanism tends to make the VERTI-G Dryer 1 on the very best and most reliable cutting dryers inside the industry. The VERTI-G Dryer gives operators a crucial benefit in meeting increasingly stringent environmental rules for cuttings disposal.

Application of GNSOLIDSAMERICA Vertical Cuttings Dryer:

The GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for Water based Mud returns and recycles large proportion SBM ( Synthetic Base Mud ) and OBM ( Oil Base Mud ) towards the purification program, which within the previous was regarded as waste dumped for the surroundings. GNSOLIDSAMERICA Vertical Centrifuge can lower cutting OOC than 6%, the existing discharging limit in a lot of regions with the world, having said that, our goal is to make it decrease than 5%, as well as further.

Capabilities & Benefits of GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer for Water based Mud

1. Efficient solid/fluid separation performance, and able to minimize the drilling fluids content in cuttings as well as reduce the amount of waste to be treated.

2. Effectively separates and recovers larger-proportion drilling fluids that can be reused in the drilling solids purification system and recovers the drilling fluids lost from shale shaker and by derrick or screen block.

3. Normal wearing parts are replacable from the top of device; the belt is easily changed without having to remove any parts.

4. Interchangeable tungsten-carbide rotor blades and gear box prevent excessive erosion and minimizes the losses on main components.

GN factory exported to Asia,Africa,Europe,USA and so on, about more here,How to Correctly Order Shaker Screens from GN.at the same time ,you can call +86-316-5276966  5276969  5276970.

To extent, a reasonable layout from the mud recycling strategy would drastically raise the functioning efficiency of the Drilling Mud system,Despite the fact that, when layout the mud system, what we really must care about?
When layout the drilling mud solids manage approach, it is possible to obtain two most important things ought to become paid quite a bit consideration. The very first is usually to pick the layout shape using the mud tanks, soon after which we have to have to confirm the place of other gear like greater stress mud pump plus the mud pit location.
Constantly, the mud recycling tank with shale shaker on it would be situated at a single side of the rig. When the mud cleaning system online site can be a rectangle region, then greater layout the mud tanks inside a line. Ordinal they are shaker tank, centrifuge tank, mud storage tank and mixing tank. When the place isn’t lengthy adequate, then we may well location the mixing tank and storage tank paralleled. In normally condition, the mud mixing tank will probably be essentially the most far away within the rig,mud system is very important,of course,all solids control also is important,such as desander,mud,desilter,and Desilter is Important in The Circulation.

Below is about pressure issue,the larger pressure mud pump should be positioned precisely exactly where may be incredibly very easily connected with the mud storage tank, typically the mud pump at the exact same side with each other with the rig. The mud pit is at the other side in the mud tank method, hence the sludge out inside the shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuge could discharged straight to the mud pit and there genuinely must be adequate space for operator to collecting the sludge by utilizing a excavator.
Layout around the GN Solids America is pretty vital, that’s why the solids handle method supplier would ask the user how is going to be the situation on the field, they would choose to design and style and style the technique much more suitable for the actual demand.