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GN Solids Control is the world famous solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, As the leading manufacturer for shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, centrifugal pump, etc, GN’s brand and products are recognized by more and more international customers. And recently the BAUMA 2016 just closed in Shanghai, China. Even though the industry is at its downturn, the show still attracted exhibitors and visitors from more than 147 countries, the total attendants are more than 170,000. The construction industry and civil works are very important market for GN, in this area, there are many customers using GN’s solid control equipment and mud recycling system. So GN also aggressively attended the show and demonstrated its latest products.

The products GN demonstrated at the show is a set of mud recycling system, which is mainly composed of a desander, shale shaker, mud tank and centrifugal pump. This product can be used in HDD, piling, microtunneling, dredging, civil works and so on. The desander can separate the solid size up to forty microns. First the feed pump will supply the slurry into the shale shaker for coarse separation, the solids will discharged from the system and the find liquid will be dropped into the mud tank, then the mud will be pumped into the desander for further separation, and the finer liquid will be returned into the mud system and the solid will be separated out of the system. This is just one type of mud system, GN can make different configurations of mud system for different customers, for example, the shale shaker can be changed to double layer, the desander can be changed to desilter for even finer separation. GN can make any configuration according to customer’s requirement. Welcome to send your inquiries to GN

Welcome to visit our website www.gnsolidsamerica.com and get more information, please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com .

GN Solids Control is the world famous solid control equipment and mud recycling system manufacturer, as its US subsidiary and North American headquarter, recently it released its new largest bowl decanter centrifuge-764 specially designed for the mud recycling system for large tunnel boring project.

The GNLW764A Decanter Centrifuge is the first generation of the large bowl for big volume of slurry separation. The bowl diameter is 30 inch and the ratio of the bowl length and diameter is up to 4.4. This will make the centrifuge to reach optimum separation and discharge cleaner liquid. And the large bowl size can guarantee the large processing capacity. The G force is up to 3000G when the bowl speed is at 2650 RPM. The torque of the gear box can be 25000N.M which will be used for heavy slurry separation. The bowl material is made from duplex stainless steel 2304 from centrifugal casting. The screw conveyor is made of stainless steel 304. The screw surface is protected by tungsten carbide tiles. And the solids discharge port is made from tungsten carbide inserts. The bearing is used with world famous SKF.  All the features of stainless steel, tungsten carbide tiles and bearing will make this equipment very reliable and need less maintenance during operation. The variable frequency drive is from ABB or SIEMENS. All the control system is operated by PLC Smart Control System with HMI visible operation interface. All the bearing temperature sensor, vibration sensor and over load protection are controlled by PLC automatically to protect the centrifuge from being damaged and make the centrifuge easy to operate. This centrifuge can also be working with the polymer dosing system to separate finer solids that are hardly separated by mechanical force. By working with the dosing system, the centrifuge can separate the find solid size almost to zero microns.

If you are interested in this new largest centrifuge, welcome to visit our website www.gnsolidsamerica.com and get more information, please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com .

Bauma China 2016, as the largest construction industry show in Asia, will be held in Shanghai  from November 22 to 25. This show is mainly about the machines and equipment, such as the building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles. Now this show has become a great platform for product presentation and industry party for all the exhibitors, visitors to communicate and cooperate with each other and find more business opportunities.

GN Solids Control as the leading manufacturing company for the solid control equipment and mud recycling system will attend the show this year and will present its latest mud recycling system. The booth number is E3. 675, welcome all the friends from domestic China or overseas to visit GN.
GN’s mud recycling system could be used in many areas, such as the TBM, HDD, piling, boring, oil and gas drilling, civil construction, dredging, etc. According to different customer’s requirement and the different situation for each project, the mud recycling could have different configurations and different equipment in it. Usually the mud recycling system will consists of shale shakers, mud cleaners, desanders, desilters, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, different tanks, mixing hoppers, submersible pump, screw pump, etc. According to customer’s different separation requirement, the mud system will include different equipment. The hydrocyclones could separate the solid size from 20-40 microns. The shale shaker will be used as the scalping purpose to separate some big solids. The decanter centrifuge could be used for even finer separation for the solid size of 2-5 microns. After the solids to be removed and the mud could be reused in the mud system again for drilling.
Welcome again to GN’s booth in Bauma China 2016. We believe you have got a different feeling for the mud recycling system used in the civil construction. If you have some further interest, welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com .

OSEA, which stands for Offshore South East Asia, has been an oil and gas event for more than 40 years and this year it will attract more than 1000 exhibitors from over 48 countries and over 16000 attendees to be there in Singapore. GN Solids Control, as the leading manufacturer for the solid control equipment and mud recycling system, will attend the show. Our booth number will be 1G5-01. We will look forward to seeing you there from Nov. 29 to Dec. 02, 2016.

At the show, GN will show its latest D version decanter centrifuge 363-D whose bowl diameter is 360mm which equals to 14 inch. Andthe length of bowl is about 3 times longer than the diameter. This ratio has been specially engineered by the technician to guarantee its good performance during work. During the past 10 years, GN is always striving to improve its technology and keep the products at the cutting edge of the industry to generate the maximum value for the customer. The latest D version is made of high configuration which means the bowl material is made of duplex SS 2205, the screw conveyor material is made of SS 316 and then the surface is protected by the tungsten carbide tiles which is more endurable and reliable, and it can save customer’s money both in operation and maintenance. G force is up to maximum 2062 at the speed of 3200 RPM, which makes the centrifuge unit can separate the fine solids down to 2-5 microns. It is VFD which means variable frequency drive which can operate in different working speed under different environment. And this equipment is also compliant with the DNV and ATEX and have been accepted and bought by many customers from Europe and America. It’s mainly used for drilling fluid recycling system and drilling waste recovery system.
Welcome to visit our website www.gnsolidsamerica.com and get more information, please send your inquiries to USA@gnsolidscontrol.com .

In recent weeks, GN Solids Control is busy assembling and completing the mud recycling system for an overseas customer for the 1500 HP drilling rig. This system is with full stages of solid control equipment and large liquid storage tanks. Since its establishment in 2007, GN has already started manufacturing the solid control equipment for the oil and gas industry. After 10 years development, GN has already accumulated much experience and can be customer’s one stop shop for solid control system. Now its product range spanning from shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, vacuum degasser and so on.

The mud recycling system is mainly composed of the following elements: there are 14 tanks in total used for mud recycling, storage and mixing and for water and fuel storage. There are 3 units of shale shakers which will be connected to the mud distributors that will distribute the drilling mud coming through the pipeline from the wellbore. There is also a mud gas separator to eliminate the flammable gas for safety purpose. And after the shale shaker, there is one vacuum degasser which will be used to remove the cut in gas in the mud to improve the efficiency of the centrifugal pump. After that is one mud cleaner which is composed of desander, desilter and underlying shale shaker. One decanter centrifuge is also equipped in the system for barite recovery. This can save the operator a lot of money as barite is very useful and expensive. There are also various pumps installed in the system to perform their function, such as the centrifugal pump which is used to transfer the drilling mud in the system. And there are also about 30 units of agitators and mud guns which will be used to clean the corners of the tank and mixing the mud in the tank to keep the mud property at good level.

That’s the brief introduction about the mud recycling system. Hopefully it will be useful to you. GN has many types of configuration for different mud recycling system for different HP drilling rigs.  Welcome to visit www.gnsolidsamerica.com and please send your inquiries to sales@gnsolidscontrol.com